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GCSE: Prejudice and Discrimination

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  1. Explain the beliefs that Christians of different denominations hold about their responsibility for those at the end of their lives.

    Euthanasia is illegal in Britain. All Christians believe that life is sacred. Overall, Christians are against Euthanasia. The belief of Christians is informed by the teaching of the church as well as Biblical texts from the old and new testaments. The fundamental Christians principle is the love known as Agape. This is Christian love and involves acts of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, selflessness and kindness. Though there is no mention of Euthanasia in the bible, there are still some texts in the Bible which we can refer to with the issue of Euthanasia. The Old Testament includes the Ten Commandments and Exodus 20:13, one of the commandments, 'You shall not kill'.

    • Word count: 848
  2. Explain what Christians believe about the sanctity of human life and especially their responsibility for those at the beginning and those at the end of life

    Jeremiah 1:8 God has mapped out our lives even before our conception. He has chosen what we will do. He knows us even before we are born. Therefore it is not for us to end a new life because God may have great plans for that person. "God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them." Genesis This quote from the bible tells us that we are all created in the eyes of God.

    • Word count: 675
  3. "We should help people who are the same religion as us but we need not bother about other people." Do you agree?

    Many feel they can't help people of other religions because they have different Gods and different beliefs. They don't understand how they could help someone so different. A lot of these people believe certain aspects of other religions are morally wrong, and therefore cannot bring themselves to help people who seem to have completely different ideas of what is right and what is wrong. Some people even find aspects of others' religions disrespectful to theirs. Others feel that different religions don't deserve to be helped because they don't believe in the 'right' God. They feel that people who have faith in a different God to them are inferior and so refuse to help.

    • Word count: 837
  4. God Hates Fags???

    Kindly old Lot invites the angels into his home for a repast. While they have gathered inside, the men of Sodom congregate outside, horny as hell. They shout for Lot to hand over the angels, so that the men may get to "know" (i.e., have intercourse with) them. They are adamant in their desire to gratify their craven appetites. At that moment, kindly old Lot comes out and addresses the men. He announces that he'll happily throw them his two young daughters--"which have not yet known man"--so long as they leave the two angels unmolested: "Let me, I pray you, bring my daughters unto you, and do ye to them as is good in your eyes," he pleads.

    • Word count: 1128
  5. RE Coursework- Religion as Expressed in Music. a) (I) Phoenix With A Heartache- Kids In The Way

    The band member, then writes a song thanking his friend for what they has done. And this then converts him in believing in God. He starts to believe that God can help change things for the better. Because looking back on his life he realised what he had done wrong and that he shouldn't take things for granted like he used to do. "And there you were, standing there, Like an answer to a dream I never had." (ii) Jesus Walks- Kanye West In this particular song, Kanye West is trying to put a message across to the public that if Jesus was alive, none of crime, violence and poverty that go on in the world would not be happenings.

    • Word count: 842
  6. Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about racism into action

    People in the black community feared that the situation was going to worsen and become like South Africa where black people's earnings were only about half of those who where white. Martin Luther King, the American Baptist Minister; is very famous for his work against racism. In Montgomery; Alabama, like most towns in the southern states buses were segregated. On 1st December 1955 Rosa Parks, a middle aged women who was tired after a heard days work refused to give up her bud seat to a white man.

    • Word count: 875
  7. Descriptive writing: busy and empty train station

    If I make no movement, he will be a contractor from Scotland who has no effect on me what so ever and I will never see him again. Sorry, that's paranoia. It's the claustrophobia acting up. Seriously, its like being at a million tickets sold out rock concert in a portable loo. Bending down is impossible. I don't dare get my mobile out incase I drop it and never see it again. The leather shoes on the floor seem to have been compressed into thick, black soup, with only shiny steel buckles indicating that your feet have not just floated away.

    • Word count: 973
  8. Katrina and racism

    I disagree with this statement, I believe that if it was white people the government would have been much more involved in saving more lives. Knowing the power of America we can state that their action could have been stronger. Taking the example of Irak the forced used and the money used in this campaign was enormous it is difficult to understand that the involvement in New Orleans were so insufficient. A journalist wrote in the associated press: "Now we have a President who wastes tax revenues in Iraq instead of protecting us at home".

    • Word count: 621
  9. Explain Christian Teaching on the Value of Life. Within Christianity, there are in fact many denominations; the viewpoints of two important denominations

    'So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created them', (Genesis). This quote from the Old Testament shows how Christians believe all humans should act towards one another because God, Himself, is in everyone through the Holy Spirit, so if God is in everyone, Christians wouldn't want to harm God. 'Don't you know that you, yourselves are God's temple and that God's spirit lives in you?' (Corinthians 3:16). Surely, one of the greatest Christian teachings on the value of life is the sixth commandment, 'You shall not murder', (Exodus 20:13). Christians believe the commandments are laws that were given to Moses, directly from God, so taking a life which He has created is a wrong in the eyes of God.

    • Word count: 1390
  10. Whatdo Christians believe about justice and forgiveness

    God judged them both and sent them out of the perfect garden. Christians believe that God is a God of justice and demands us to live in justice. Jesus spoke of the day of judgement, when the Son of Man would sit on his throne and everyone would be judged to be either a sheep or a goat. By working for justice in their lives, Christians can get closer to God rather than turning away from him through sin and this is a reason why justice is so important to Christians.

    • Word count: 564
  11. 'The 1920's were a decade of progress and opportunity for all Americans'. How far do the sources support this view?

    Source B, is an indication of no progress or opportunity. I sense this because the picture is a clear indication to us that some Americans didn't have that opportunity and no progress was available especially for blacks. In the picture it shows us a black family in the 1920's, it shows us a home with half a dozen black children, no sight of the mother or father and the home is trashed. The family looks as if its poor and lives in the Southern States of America, where the Klu Klux Clan was worst in the whole of America and they felt that they were supreme.

    • Word count: 2738
  12. Explain the beliefs Christians hold about their responsibility for those at the beginning and end of their life.

    God has set us apart for a mission and has considered an unborn child to be a living being. This would lead us to believe that God has plans for people even before they are born because Jeremiah claims to have been made a prophet before birth. In Luke's description of the birth of Jesus and Mary visiting her cousin Elizabeth she realised that she was also expecting a baby. When Mary entered Elizabeth's house the baby jumped into her womb.

    • Word count: 1395
  13. Explain What Christians believe about their responsibility for other people

    In the Book of Amos there are important messages given to help us Christians understand how we can help God and others around us. If we care for those that are less fortunate such as poor people, then it shows that we care for God. This is because we are showing love towards others and not just ignoring them when they need help. In the New Testament, Christians can use scripture passages from the parable of the sheep and goat, Good Samaritan and Great commandment.

    • Word count: 543
  14. To what extent was America a land of widespread intolerance beneath the veneer of the roaring twenties?

    The red scare (Communism) was a sourse of hostility towards Russian immigrants. Americans feared that Russian immigrants would bring communism to America, the very thing they had fled from. In 1917 immigrants went on strike after race riots in twenty five towns. The strikes were instigated as a result of low pay and bad working conditions. Anarchists sent off bombs in 1919. J Edgar Hoover had compiled a list of sixty thousand suspects. In 1920 ten thousand people were deported out of the U.S.A. The majority of these people were of minority groups, such as black people, Jews and Catholics.

    • Word count: 753
  15. Fasting The holy month of Ramadan is a time of devotion, and a time of full commitment to worshiping god

    The sohoor has its own delight, for the kids get to stay up late and eat so that they would be able to fast the next day, whereas others usually get up early in the morning right before the Fajr Prayer to have something to eat, and then wait until the athan is announced so that they can pray before going back to sleep. The sound of the athan in the morning is totally different than how it is heard in the afternoon, for it breaks the silence of the night and delivers a great message to all prayers.

    • Word count: 466
  16. Explain what Christians believe about justice, forgiveness and reconciliation

    Christians beliefs can also be seen within the Ten Commandments are split into two different parts. The first three commandments teach us how to conduct ourselves in our relationship too god 'give their due to God'. They are 1. I am the Lord your God you shall not have strange Gods before me. 2. You shall not take the Lords name in vein. 3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath. The other seven are guiding us how we should behave towards each other, in other words, social justice. These are: 4. Honour your father and mother.

    • Word count: 603
  17. Attitudes of Prejudice Identify a common stereotype.

    The term cognitive miser has been used to refer to this shortcut in getting to know someone as an individual and grouping them with others. 5. Describe and evaluate two theories as to the cause of prejudice. * The first theory I will address is the Social Identity Theory - An Interpersonal Explanation. One of the basic cognitive processes is categorisation. Several psychologists believe that we group things into either an 'in-group' (us) and an 'out-group' (them) Tajfel '71 called this social categorisation and it is the first step in the stereotyping process.

    • Word count: 1065
  18. ICT Work on the Samaritans

    and by openly expressing ones feeling, the person in distress will respect and respect the feelings of others. This is another vision that the Samaritans deeply emphasise. A Samaritans values are based upon very caring beliefs, they believe that a person should be listened to without any type of prejudice of any type. Or the decision on ones own life. The Samaritans give emotional support in any areas of emotional distress, and whenever someone calls the help line, all calls are taken with strict confidentiality and none of the calls with be recorded (Only some calls with be partially recorded for volunteer training, or in some serious cases, federal evidence if a person threatens or attacks a volunteer or takes his/her own life).

    • Word count: 588
  19. Did race prejudice cause slavery? Or was it the other way round? Winthrop D. Jordan, in his monumental study of white American

    Such communities feel threatened by national or racial differences, and their prejudices serve to reassure them, to minimize their sense of insecurity, to enhance group cohesion. England in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was a classic instance of such a community - though its geographical isolation was rapidly being overcome and its technology was about to leap forward. We have already seen how ancient myths about Africa and Africans were widely believed here, and we shall shortly examine further evidence of English race prejudice in that period But to assert that their race prejudice, which was considerable, led Englishmen to

    • Word count: 2220
  20. The slave trade has no relevance in Britain today' It is difficult to agree with this statement, Britain hold a wide variety of race and for them and their ancestor's slavery was only yesterday

    Racism is the theory that one group of people, identified in the way of 'race' is superior to another like sexism or classis; it involves more then conscious feelings of superiority, its also domination and oppression. (O-Donnell 1992) Culture is a broader category that extends beyond race and ethnicity to include any group of people who share common lifestyle characteristics which are passed on to members of the particular group, e.g. socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, geographic location. Traditional or 'chattel slavery' (slave trade)

    • Word count: 1319
  21. To confirm that Sainsbury's agree and abide by these Legislations of equal opportunities they have an equal opportunities policy.

    What The Four Main Acts Mean: The Employment Rights Act 1996 basically covers all the main rights that all employees working at Sainsbury's are entitled to. For example one of the points in the act is 'An employee asked to work on a Sunday can "opt-out" by serving notice' etc. The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 makes it illegal for any employee to be discriminated on gender terms directly or indirectly. For example if you are a women employee at Sainsbury's and have the same job as a man employee working their too they must be both paid the same sum of money.

    • Word count: 890
  22. Most of us do not realize how serious racism is and what it is doing to our school. In addition, if students do not begin to realize the seriousness of racism,

    Whites owned blacks as slaves and now blacks are free and are able to live as they do. Some white students cannot adjust to that. In addition, they think if they put blacks down it would make their race stronger. Racism is one of the biggest problems in at DeVry. It is used in so many different ways that many people are not aware. When will there be an end to this, many of us may wonder. In my opinion, it will go on forever.

    • Word count: 1061
  23. The Myth of the Almighty Dragons and God

    From its fire breath mouth black, choking smoke blanketed over its prey before its jagged razor-sharp teeth pierced into the helpless victims. This dragon was not an ordinary dragon. It was one of many of God's pets. God had sent this hideous creature upon the towns' people for the supposed crime they had committed. "He's coming", cried Adam in anguish. The whole town leapt like a flame of fire to their feet and sprinted towards the river along the sandy bank.

    • Word count: 1583
  24. Personal Reading Study - "Cry Freedom" by John Briley

    It seems to me that Donald Woods, as a white liberal and an editor contradicted himself many times. An example of this is, "He did not believe blacks should be given the full right to vote." But a few sentences later there is a quotation saying, "When he caught the Government violating those basic ethical premises, he struck at them with a pen so sharp and so precise that his paper was quoted from one end of South Africa to the other." I believe that in these quotations Woods contradicts himself as he believes blacks should not be given the full right to vote yet when he caught the Government violating those 'basic' ethical premises he would argue with them.

    • Word count: 2806
  25. Explain what Christians believe about the 'sanctity of human life' and especially their responsibility for those at the beginning and those at the end of life. Use bible passages and Christian church teaching to support your answer.

    In Psalms 139:13-16 'you knit me together in my womb' shows that God has mapped out our lives, we have a purpose even if you are disabled or handicapped in any way. The baby ('you') has realised that God created him or her, the baby can think for it's self and can make it's own choices even at such a young age. Jeremiah 1:5 'before I formed you in the womb I know you' suggests that God has planned out our lives before conception, destroy this baby through abortion is directly going against God's plan for our lives.

    • Word count: 721

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