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GCSE: Prejudice and Discrimination

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  1. Christians should not become involved in political issues ?

    Look for examples in the bible of stories about social justice. Lastly it could be about moral issues - look at the 10 commandments and see how many of these are about issues that could be considered as political such as "do not kill" So if a Christian is living under a set of moral principle such as those in the 10 commandments and those in the bible "Love you neighbour etc.." how are they going to react to some political questions: Now think about some political issues and the Christian response.

    • Word count: 690
  2. It used to be that if you didnt like your body, you went on a diet, and if you didnt like your face, you would apply make-up. Not any more. Theres an enormous industry standing ready to suck fat from our thighs, create breasts to fit your fantasi

    Not any more. There's an enormous industry standing ready to suck fat from our thighs, create breasts to fit your fantasies, move your brows, enlarge you lips, iron out your wrinkles and reverse the forces of gravity. Yet having more techniques to control our appearances doesn't necessarily mean it'll be taking the safe route. Plastic surgery may be able to reconstruct physical deformity through surgical procedures but there's no such thing as a prefect operation, all operations have risks. No surgery can be given guarantees that there would be no long-term effects.

    • Word count: 707
  3. Explain how both individual and institutional racism have an impact on service provision and the experiences of people receiving services. How can care workers and the organisations which they work for demonstrate a commitment to combating racism?

    The midwife presumed that because they were gypsies that they would live like the stereotypical gypsy family. Thompson's personal, cultural and structural model (PCS) (unit 11, p104) suggests that there are three levels of racism. The personal level relates to one to one encounters where the level of influence from other people is very high, this is also known as individual racism. This is where a person uses racist remarks or jokes to offend another person. These attacks on a person can lead to someone getting hurt or even killed.

    • Word count: 1781
  4. 'It is meaningless to pray the Lord's Prayer, the same words, at every Sunday service' Do you agree?

    When most Christians' say the Lord's Prayer, they truly feel what they are reading. Also, this is an organised, set way of prayer, which means it is easy for Christians to give thanks to God, adore God, confess to God and ask God for help. It is meaningful for Christians who know what they're saying, and truly believe it. On the other hand, it is entirely different is someone just reads it with no enthusiasm and commitment.

    • Word count: 590
  5. Prayer in religion

    Some of these are kneeling and standing in a meditation position. People kneel to show respect and to show that is much higher (more important) than them. People stand to be closer to god, as they believe him to be up high in heaven. When Christians pray, there are four different types of prayer spoken. These are adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. The three types I am going to research and write about are supplication, confession and thanksgiving. Confession is when a Christian feels that they have done something wrong and need to tell god about it.

    • Word count: 1192
  6. Diary enteries for Ramadam period.

    This is in obedience to the Qur' an: O you who believe, fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may learn self-restraint. I love Ramadan; it's something to look forward to. Like Christmas for example, all my friends celebrate that. August 21st My School day The buzzer went, it was registration. I talked with my friends about McDonalds which made me rather hungry, but I ignored my stomach. Then 1st lesson I had maths it was o.k., because we just did sums all lesson.

    • Word count: 847
  7. The Little Black Boy - review.

    Look on the rising sun: there God does live And gives his light, and gives his heat away. With the light and warmth being given to the white man, thus making it appear as though God favours him. And flowers and trees and beasts and men receive Comfort in morning, joy in the noon day. And we are put on earth a little space, That we may learn to bear the beams of love: And these black bodies and this sunburnt face Is but a cloud, and like a shady grove For when our souls have learned the heat to

    • Word count: 1211
  8. The writings of Nicolas Barré.

    THE FOUNDER Nicolas Barr´┐Ż allowed God to lead him through the events of his life. He did not begin by writing his Statutes and Rules with a view to founding a Congregation. His writings as a founder are the fruits of lived experience. The texts accompanied the progress of a small group of men and women who were touched, as he was, by a lack of instruction and education for children, especially girls, and who wanted to do something about it.

    • Word count: 1220
  9. All my life I have lived with racism.

    If someone says Italian you think wog. If someone says British you think Pom. If someone says New Zealander you think someone who has sex with sheep. Why do we have all these racial slurs? What makes you and me any different to anyone else? A racist person is ignorant. For after all ignorance is bliss. Ignorance not only means you're too stupid to comprehend what is going on but your also intolerant of that upon which you do not understand.

    • Word count: 677
  10. The Lord's Prayer is the most widely used prayer in the Christian community.

    Also, the context in which Jesus meant to Prayer to be used. We will touch briefly on the literary elements surrounding the Lord's Prayer. The Lord's Prayer appears in only twice in the gospel, once in Matt 6:9-13 and again in Luke 11:2-4. There has been much controversy as to why both the context and the contents of each version are different. The shorter version appears in Luke, where the context is Jesus was seen praying, after which the disciples ask Jesus to "teach them how to pray".

    • Word count: 3171
  11. Describe how a Christian may follow the call to discipleship through daily life and work.

    At the age of three the child could attened Children's Liturgies and also attend a Catholic School. Some people decide to be teachers in a Catholic school where they pray and attend mass. Some of these teachers are also Religious teachers where they have to know all about different Religions and Christ and pass this knowledge onto the children they teach. They also may be Eucarstic Ministers and also help be organising events to raise money for Catholic charities or for the School's local Church.

    • Word count: 1619
  12. Describe from Luke's gospel how Jesus presented his teachings through parables.

    The definition from the Collins English Dictionary of a parable is "a story that illustrates a religious meaning." A parable has been described as "an earthly story with a heavenly meaning" Why did Jesus teach in parables? In Jesus' teachings, He uses parables to teach his people how to live their lives. He does this by comparing life on earth to the kingdom of God. To help people understand, He used examples of people in everyday life to base his stories on, so that the people to whom he was teaching could relate to what he was saying and use the meanings of the parables in their everyday lives.

    • Word count: 3277
  13. Taking any three psychological theories of prejudice: How adequately do these theories explain the causes of prejudice and what has each to suggest about the possibility of reducing prejudice?

    However there are too many criticisms in Adorno's experiment for this to be correct. There is no explanation why some people brought up in authoritarian households are not prejudice, also there is no explanation for why people brought up in non-authoritarian households can also be prejudice. Adorno used an extremely small cross section of people from non-ethnic, non-minority backgrounds. Methodologically his experiment was also debatable as agreement with a statement always indicated an authoritarian personality. Also with every survey type experiment, people will only answer the first few questions attentively, and it is just from the subjects opinions of how they would react to the statements, not observation of how they would react in real life situations.

    • Word count: 1380
  14. Childhood Memoir - Maya Angelou.

    Besides Bailey, her big brother who never leaves her side until adolescence, Maya does not give in and make her first friend until the 7th grade. Another reason why Maya is so reserved is because of her extreme physical insecurities. Before her insecurity metamorphosizes into pride, Maya does not appreciate being African American for its typical physical qualities; she describes herself as "big, elbowy, grating...my head covered with black steel wool" and painfully recalls, "I was described by our playmates as being shit color"(p.

    • Word count: 1635
  15. Why Gays Shouldn't Serve.

    It is hard for a man or women to get undressed in front of someone of the same sex who may be looking at them with different eyes. When I say different eyes I mean a man looking at a man and thinking, "Wow he's cute," or a women looking at a women and thinking the same thing. It would be very awkward for non-gay soldiers to deal with this problem. Another thing that a gay recruit may not realize is the prejudice that has already been set before them by soldiers that are already in the military.

    • Word count: 569
  16. Prejudice is when you make judgement on someone before you actually know them.

    I think that Zaccheus wanted to meet Jesus so that he could perhaps be forgiven, but when the crowds saw that Jesus was going to Zaccheus' house they were furious because of their anger and prejudice against him as a tax collector. People saw Zaccheus as a sinner but Jesus saw Zaccheus as a descendant of Abraham which is a Jew one of Jesus' people. This teaches us a valuable lesson about being prejudiced against one person who could unexpectedly be trying to get close to God and they could be begging forgiveness for their sins.

    • Word count: 1513
  17. Nelson Mandela as a hero

    The qualities of a leader or hero that I will present to you today are the ones that young people can aspire to through changing the lives of their fellow citizens, while they themselves may experience great physical and emotional hardship during the struggle for justice. A person I believe embodies both the characteristics of a leader and a hero is a man who was imprisoned being a terrorist yet emerged as an undisputed global leader. This man is Nelson Mandela.

    • Word count: 692
  18. Compare the reasons Native Americans and Hispanic Americans were discriminated against?

    The racism increased at times of high unemployment due to rivalry for jobs. The depression also caused further discrimination as during this period many Hispanic Americans were unemployed and relied on federal aid. The whites saw Mexicans to be "economically parasitical" i.e a drain on money which did not make them popular. The situation with Native Americans was very different. They were also sometimes seen by white people as a drain on federal funds. The white people wanted the tribal land of the Native Americans which meant that the Native Americans were forced to live on reservations.

    • Word count: 676
  19. Explain the biblical teaching that Christians can in order to provide themselves with guidelines for making decisions about the use of medical science.

    This also shows in the passage Job 1 vs 21, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away". This means that when the Lord gives life in the womb of a woman, no one has the right to take that life until God feels it is time. The 3rd commandment says also the "You shall not kill" and having an abortion is the same as killing a person. This is relevant to euthanasia in the sense that no one can take their own life because God does that. There are many issues with the bible, one being that it was written many years ago and therefore may not be relevant to the problems faced by society today.

    • Word count: 1848
  20. Analysing poems - Another life and the Lament of the Banana man.

    This gives the impression that it is a relaxing peaceful place where there are no worries. This impression is crated by the use of words like "pines" "clear" "sandy" "hammock" these suggest tranquillity and paradise. The way the poet describes this place as if he would like to be there. This could represent somewhere like Jamaica. The next verse is about a completely different place. The poet says that this life (the life he is in now) hardly remembers about the peaceful life. He says that the streets are surrendered to traffic and police. From those words you can already tell that this life is no way similar to his "OLD" life.

    • Word count: 864
  21. How widespread was intolerance of the blacks in the 1920's?

    In some towns, mainly in the South, whole towns were members of the Ku Klux Klan. The Ku Klux Klan was an organisation, which used violent methods such as beating, and lynching to intimidate blacks and stay in control. In the 1920's, it reached its peak of 4 million members; all over America, as well as getting Klansmen elected into positions of political power. Because many people still saw blacks as slaves, they felt they had the power to treat them as such.

    • Word count: 566
  22. The Cowboy.

    He may appear haggard to the eye, but he appears wholesome to the heart. The cowboy is a rare breed, wild yet gentle, and uncontained by the barbed wire of the world. So, why does he ride for the money? Simply put, he doesn't. He rides for the passion. He rides for the privilege. He rides...for the pride, the pride that comes from strength in character, simple honesty, and a soul full of virtue. Only a man with such passion, privilege, and pride can possess the endangered art of chivalry and an aura of heroism that bucks the contemporary ways of today's society.

    • Word count: 714
  23. Fully hidden in the darkness of the shadows.

    He stands tall with a skinhead and with his hand over his beloved tattoo. The tattoo was a signal of beware the tattoo was the dreaded swastika, placed over his heart. You could now clearly see a muscle, pulsing out from his white skin across his him. Looking once more at the object he called scum he then bellowed out "say goodnight." His son screamed "no." He was far too late. There was already blood and his teeth on the road kerb. What a brutal thing for the young boy to see. This man didn't care, still standing proud with his hand over the disgraceful tattoo.

    • Word count: 661
  24. How far are the problems that exist in South Africa today a product of the past?

    Dr Malan intended to put his policies into practise, ruthlessly and comprehensively. With this sort of superior attitude there ways of separation in all walks of life. Pass laws and forced removals led to current problems due to the separate townships and how depending on the different colours education and other areas were funded differently and in the favour of the whites. In 1949 the 'Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act' came into force meaning that not only blacks and whites couldn't marry, but blacks and whites who were already married had to split.

    • Word count: 1227
  25. Describe the teachings of Christianity about discrimination and prejudice and explain how people should therefore be treated.

    In practice, this is nearly always the belief that women are inferior to men. Many people men and women have important differences, some of them physical and some psychological or emotional. Some people think that because of these differences, women deserve to have fewer choices than men, to do more than half of the world's work for lower pay than a man, and to be judged on their appearance as objects rather than people with dignity. Ageism is discrimination as it is the process of implying that old people or worse than younger people.

    • Word count: 1079

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