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GCSE: Religion in the Media

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  1. TO what extent is the monk the protaganist in the “The monk”

    His downfall, that of releasing unrestrained and built up lust, transforms him into a figure of evil. The manner in which Lewis achieves this altercation allows the reader to sympathize with him, as after all, no man can be perfect - not even a monk.

    • Word count: 270
  2. R.E Coursework – Film

    Only Sam has the codes that will allow Carl to go ahead with the crooked deal. Under a threat from the drug dealers, Carl hires Willie Lopez to hold Sam up when he and Molly are returning from the theatre to steal the code, which he thinks is in Sam's wallet. However, Sam Fights back and in the struggle Sam is murdered. Willie finds the code is not in Sam's wallet, Sam's soul is seen departing from his body but Sam does not go to heaven because he wants to stay and help Molly.

    • Word count: 448
  3. Does television make religion seem good or bad? What kind of influence does television have?

    The vicar is very enthusiastic about the birth of Jesus, Son of God. This program definitely shows religion in a good way. It also shows that the church is modern. We know this because the vicar is a woman and she has an Oasis advent calendar. The program is humorous as well as knowledgeable. I asked a religious Christian person for their opinion and they agreed with me in saying Mr. Bean showed religion to be bad and uninteresting, and The Vicar Of Dibley in showing religion in a good way. In conclusion the vicar of Dibley shows good religious views unlike Mr.

    • Word count: 1318
  4. Memoirs of our journey to acquire Religious freedom

    The origin of the quandary was the people. Some wanted to worship contrary to the way of the Anglican Church. Even when Sir Oliver Cromwell a Puritan in Europe came to preeminence the Anglican Royalist in Bermuda repudiated to acknowledge the rule. This started a journey in our lives for us independent Puritans were not going to stay shackled to the chains of Religious oppression anymore; NO we were going to find a place where we can worship free of chains and shackles then we can truly be liberated as worshipers.

    • Word count: 1031
  5. Describe, Analyse and explain the variety of specifically religious programs on Terrestrial TV channels.

    Songs of praise is a service that is shown on BBC1 on a Sunday afternoon or early evening. People that watch this are usually people that have difficulties getting to a proper church service. They may be disabled. It appeals to these people because they can appreciate a service without having to leave the house.

    • Word count: 273
  6. Religion In The Media

    turns up and asks Zo� to leave the country and go and work for him abroad. Cat tells her she can't go because she doesn't trust Harry When Zo� questions this Cat tells Zo� that she is her mother and that Harry is her dad. She explains to Zo� how it all had happen and why she had not told her before. Zo� is very upset by this and runs away from home. While she is living on the streets she is found a woman who gives her a room to stay in and feeds her Zo� just think that she is being nice.

    • Word count: 1055
  7. Christianity in the Media

    The most enjoyable and interesting pieces of media were television programmes and films. Especially Field of Dreams and Father Ted. These are of both types of material. Christian and Non- Christian. They were enjoyable as they never forced a religious message butt did clearly displaying what should be done as a Christian. The least enjoyable piece of media for me was the television programme songs of praise and the Christian music delirious. These were both of specifically Christian material and of music substance.

    • Word count: 389
  8. Describe, explain and analyse the variety of specifically religious programmes on terrestrial TV channels

    Songs of Praise - Length 30 minutes Now on our screens for over thirty years, this stalwart of the BBC's Sunday programming has often moved times, but not its reasoning. This episode was entitled "An evening with Sir Harry" and was hosted by Pam Rhodes. It was based around a gala evening with Sir Harry Secombe. Many hymns were sung the majority of which were led by The London Welsh male orchestra. There were also a large number of celebrities including; Jimmy Tarbuck, Bruce Forsyth, Thora Hird, The Archbishop of Canterbury and many more.

    • Word count: 1144
  9. How has religion changed?

    Methodology These are the methods of research I will carry out: 1. Secondary research, I will use books, other related texts and the Internet to find out data. 2. I will hand out a questionnaire to a chosen amount of people to see if my theory is correct. 3. I will carry out an interview to see what views other people think about the topic and I will try to see the human behavior of someone will mentioning the topic. Questionnaire Please fill in the questionnaire below, any questions which are irrelevant to you please leave blank.

    • Word count: 1232
  10. To what extent does there exist a universal predisposition towards religion?

    They believe that this is an inevitable consequence of the spread if education and science. Not only do they think that the decline of religion is inevitable, it is desirable. Many western European countries have seen a rapid decline in traditional religion in the post World War 2 period, especially under the influence of liberalism and humanism. For example, in the Netherlands before the war approximately half of the population were Roman Catholic and the other half were Protestants, with a small percentage of Jews and other minorities. This has changed since World War 2 where there is now a higher percentage of humanists than either Protestants or Catholics.

    • Word count: 1431
  11. Religion In the Media.

    Children's views about religion. In these types of show different sections are aimed at different age groups. These types of shows are of interest to most people because they cover a wide range of topics that are of interest to most people. These programmes are aimed at wide range of age groups. E.g. Songs of praise is mainly for older people aged form about 25-90 but magazine type programmes like The Heaven and Earth Show are aimed at a wider ordinance because they deal with topics that are of interest to all ages. Other viewers, e.g. atheists (people who do not believe in any religion)

    • Word count: 1708
  12. Describe, Explain & Analyse the Variety of Specifically Religious Programmes on the Terrestrial TV Channels

    If programmes are categorised in such method there will be a range of religious programmes aimed at different people. One of these is the 'Vicar of Dibley', this is a religious comedy programme structured around a female vicar of a small village. Evidence to support that it is a comedy series is pretty clear because it has a laugh track as well as jokes and pranks at all stages of the show. The programme I saw was basically about a couple getting married. It was to be a simple wedding but due to it being a humorous programme many aspects was changed to look funny.

    • Word count: 1048
  13. Religion and the Media - review of the film "East is East".

    Sajid is promptly taken to the hospital to get circumcised. When Ella sees the pain her son has suffered due to the circumcision, the conflict between her love of her husband and her inability to stand up to him is readily visible. Left alone, the other children (barring Maneer) eat Haram foods, bacon and sausages, until Meenah sees their parents returning with Sajid. They try to hide the evidence, but Ella smells it?then keeps George away just long enough for them to finish clearing up.

    • Word count: 1527
  14. Religion and the Media. Richard Dawkins documentary, root of all evil The God delusion, speaks out against the concept of religion

    Another point he makes is the danger of indoctrinating children, who he says are susceptible to influence from authority. He sees the danger in secluding these children and only letting them interact with people of the same religion and in educating them in religion alongside the sciences, saying this leads to much confusion. He talks of the concept of hell and how religious institutions use this concept to scare people into doing the right thing.

    • Word count: 464

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