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Theology Part 1 - Pilgrimage

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Theology Part 1 - Pilgrimage Pilgrimage today is a journey in which a man/woman undertakes in order to do one of several things. These are from spiritual forgiveness to an act of penance for the person's sins, which they have committed. But is Christianity it is not compulsory to undertake a pilgrimage, in Hinduism and Islam it is, so many people do not go on a pilgrimage due to this and not wanting to go, as it is not compulsory. For some Christian denominations it is more important to go on a pilgrimage, the Roman Catholic Church believes strongly in pilgrimages but other parts of the Catholic Church such as the Church of England do not consider pilgrimage to be such an important part of their religion. Many people don't go on pilgrimages because they don't have time for them and that they are put off by the long way they have to go. ...read more.


Many people travel to Canterbury to see all of its beauty and how big it is. The Cathedral, which is a wonder, the site where Thomas Becket was martyred, as people can see where a saint has been killed, Becket's tomb, and to see where he is buried, the site of the shrine, to see where his shrine once was and the miracle windows, as they are very old and awe-inspiring windows. They may want to go there to see these sites and pray to them. While they are there they can look at the Cathedral and see how awesome it is, most would want to go to Thomas Becket's tomb and pray to it for forgiveness or to be healed from a disease that the pilgrim has. A contemporary pilgrim may get there by car, train or a bus, although some may walk to the Cathedral from Walsingham, as this is a traditional route pilgrim's used to take. ...read more.


for forgiveness or targeting prayers, Modern disabled Pilgrims may want to walk the last mile or so in order to complete an act of physical repentance. Other things that can take place are candles are lit to focus love and devotion, stations of the cross, going to many different churches in one day which is a small pilgrimage, images may be processed through the Cathedral and you can visit the shrine which the older pilgrims used to do. These last points all concentrate the mind on God and him only. Tourists visit Canterbury Cathedral, as it is a traditional English site, it is a way of getting tourists into the chapel, people go there to seek the meaning of life. The beauty of history and religion is open up again, the idea of saints and holy places, the history of reformation. Canterbury surviving is a sin that it has a lasting significance in religions. ...read more.

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