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There are many beliefs for Christians at Advent and Christmas.

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Rajvir Hundal R.E Coursework A-01 There are many beliefs for Christians at Advent and Christmas. Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. The meaning of Advent is coming. So this explains that Christmas, or someone is coming. Advent is related to the coming of Jesus as an infant in Bethlehem. Christians also think about the second coming of Jesus which is called the Persia. Advent for Christians is a time of happiness, celebrations and careful preparation for Christmas. This is expressed as the Advent candle, the Advent wreath and the Advent calendar. Many Christians use the Advent calendar as a countdown to Christmas. ...read more.


Traditional Advent calendars have a picture or a small piece of text from the Bible to do with Christmas behind each window. The pictures usually tell a story in order about Jesus getting closer to birth. This helps children concentrate on the Christian message of Christmas. The Advent wreath, or ring as it is sometimes called, is a popular symbol in many homes and churches during Advent. The wreath is a circular shape of evergreen leaves with five candles in the middle. Four candles are coloured blue or purple and they surround the 5th middle candle which is white. The wreath reminds Christians of God's ongoing love and mercy. ...read more.


If there are any other services during the twelve days, the candles are also lit then. The Jesse tree is a popular Advent custom in lots of Christian homes. The Jesse Tree is a bare branch which is usually sprayed silver or gold and is also set in a pot, sometimes Christians use small Christmas trees. The Jesse Tree is used to show the ancestors of Jesus and some events from the Bible. 'A shoot will come up from the stump of the Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit' (Isaiah 11: 1). This quote explains why Christians decorate the Jesse Tree with symbols of the ancestors and important Bible events. The Jesse Tree helps to guide the preparation of the birth of Jesus for Christians. ...read more.

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