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There are many places of Christian pilgrimage. Santiago de Compostela in Spain is a place of Christian pilgrimage.

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Pilgrimage Pilgrimage is the journey to a holy place. The place usually contains something (e.g. Santiago de Compostela is said to have saint James' bones buried there) or sometimes events have happened there. Pilgrimage is an ancient custom but it has changed over the years. Once long ago pilgrimage was a long and even dangerous journey. Travellers now are much safer and travel much quicker to there place of worship. Some pilgrims still travel on foot, most travel by air or other means of transport. Christians go on pilgrimages' for many reasons. Many Christians see life it's self as a journey, coming from God and returning to God. Many go on pilgrimages so that they become closer to God, it helps them to focus and clear their minds of every day concerns and worries. They feel that travelling to a place of worship shows how devoted they are and feel that they can communicate better with God. Some Christians go on pilgrimages to thank God for all he has given them, and to show how thankful they are some help others that go on pilgrimages. For example in Lourdes branchardier Help the ill and weak to visit this site of pilgrimage, many do this as a way to thank God. ...read more.


In Lourdes many Christians go to mass every morning and pray to God. Some may go the Actual site where Mary was seen and pay their respects there. Also the ill and unwell may bath in the water as it is supposed to have healing powers. Some people actually do benefit from this. Christian see life as a journey. When they are born their journey begins. The aim of most of these journeys is to become closer to God and eventually return to him. In Santiago de compostella I have mention that the pilgrims often follow the walk of Saint James. This helps them understand what he went through, and following his journey gives them a spiritual connection. Many may feel closer to God and forget their worries and have a clear mind. In Lourdes I have mentioned that Many Pilgrims will visit the site where Mary was seen and they will pray to her. This place helps the pilgrims to focus. It may feel to them that there is a special energy there and that Mary is still there but just can't be seen by all, but her presence can be felt. ...read more.


As more visitors arrive they add to the sense of a community. Souvenirs are used as a reminder of that pilgrimage. And can be taken home and given to others to share the experience. This may get more people interested and intrigued in pilgrimages. More commercialism means more profits. The money produced from commercialism of a pilgrimage site like Lourdes could keep a family alive. It would seem quite unchristian to stop people from making a living. Commercialism of pilgrimage site can make it more accessible. They are more likely to be advertised in brouchers and so there for it will cost less and be more accessible to pilgrims. I and many other Christians believe that commercialization of a pilgrimage site devalues the spiritual aspect of pilgrimage, and may distract people from the true meaning. Exploiting people's beliefs to make profit is wrong. It says this in the bible in the New Testament, when Jesus turned the moneylenders out of the temple, believing it to be wrong to do business on such a holy place. So the very fact that there is trading being done on a Holy place of pilgrimage is very bad. If a place is swarming with people it becomes difficult for the elderly, disabled or the sick to get around. These groups unfairly suffer at the because of the people who are there for the commercial reasons. ...read more.

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