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There are many processes involved in Pilgrimage

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AO1: What is involved in pilgrimage? Illustrate the differing approaches to pilgrimage by referring to two or more places of pilgrimage. There are many processes involved in Pilgrimage. In this coursework I am going to show the differing approaches to pilgrimage by comparing and contrasting two places. The two places I am going to choose are Lough Derg and Lourdes. Firstly, I am going to write about Lourdes and then about Lough Derg. Lough Derg is a holy place situated in the coast of Southern Ireland. It is known as a place for penitential pilgrimage. It is said that, during his missionary work in Ireland, St Patrick went to the island in Lough Derg and stayed in a cave their. During this time, he was subjected to many temptations and was given a vision of hell. Lough Derg is also called St Patrick's Purgatory because the pilgrimage takes place on the island where St Patrick established a monastery. The main purpose in Lough Derg, is the pilgrims try to live like St Patrick lived all those years ago. ...read more.


Another thing we learn from Lough Derg is self sacrifice which is very important; it is the Christian's calling through Baptism to lead a life of self sacrifice, so that we can better appreciate those whose lives are less fortunate than our own. There is a play in Lough Derg called Four Masses. This means that the pilgrims in Lough Derg have to have four masses in forty eight hours. It is quite a lot to have four masses but it does emphasis the need for spiritual food and nourishment in our lives, something that is need long after the pilgrimage ends. There is another activity in Lough Derg which is very important part of Christians play. This activity called Renewal of Baptismal Vows. This reminds us that Christian pilgrimage begins with baptism and is a life long journey. Now, I am going to talk about Lourdes located in France. Lourdes is also a holy place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. In Lourdes there are many opportunities for prayer. Many people like to say the Hail Mary and rosary at some of the activities in Lourdes. ...read more.


In Lourdes there is an activity called Praying at the Grotto. At this activity Catholics go to the Grotto which is the cave where Mary appeared to Bernadette. There is a statue of Mary there dressed as Bernadette described her. They have mass underneath the statue and people walk round this area to be where Mary appeared. They do this to be where Mary was and to get closer to God. It is a holy place and therefore it brings you closer to God. One of the popular activity in Lourdes is Holy Water. This is one of the reasons for many pilgrims coming to Lourdes. As you might know Lourdes were becoming a famous holy place because of the holy water which healed about 65 people as I mentioned before. People drink this holy water and some people have bath in it. This special holy water is classed as miracle The good opportunity you get in Lourdes and not in Lough Derg is that you get to have fun such as fun masses where the hymn singing is joyful especially for the disabled children and there are days out to the local country side where you can meet other Christians. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tinius Pusparajah 11F ...read more.

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