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There are many ways to help people who have problems such as Poverty, Hunger, Disease and Population explosion. It is our duty to help because we are Christians and we have a role to for fill.

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R: E COURSE-WORK There are many ways to help people who have problems such as POVERTY, HUNGER, DISEASE and POPULATION EXPLOSTION. It is our duty to help because we are Christians and we have a role to for fill. As Christians we have to care and love others and put them first and we also have to help those in need like people in the Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC'S). A piece of scripture, which reminds that we should give, is Barnabas 'all the believers were in heart and mind. ...read more.


One problem the LDC'S face is Poverty this is because the circle of poverty 'lack of food-hunger-lack of energy-unable to work-no income-no money to buy food-lack of food' it is very hard to just get up and become active again because you are used to being sick you mind think you will always be sick. Another fact to back this up is mostly to do with lack of money because every $1 lent to Africa $9 is paid back with interest. What we could do to help Africa in the battle against Poverty is buying Fair trade goods because every �1 spent on coffee 9p goes to the person who made it. ...read more.


Disease can be battle the same way as poverty could, like writing to MP's saying for clean water so they can drink without catching any fatal diseases. Supporting CAFOD and Christian Aid who use money for long term aid. New doctors need to be over in the LDC'S helping the people who are in desperate need of help a fact to back this up is ' 1 doctor per 600 in England and 1 doctor per 30,000 in Nepal. I think that the world has to get together and all join in, in the support of those in desperate need.x ...read more.

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