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There are times when it is better for a child not to be born in the context of abortion, how would different Christian groups respond to this statement?

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Abortion Abortion is an operation involving the premature removal of an unwanted foetus from the womb of a woman before it has grown into a state where it could survive independently. This kills the foetus so it cannot grow into a full human. The question concerning abortion that I will be answering is '"There are times when it is better for a child not to be born" in the context of abortion, how would different Christian groups respond to this statement?' I will be answering this question by going through the arguments different Christian groups have on abortion and what their reactions would be. Then I will give my own opinions. Different Christian groups have their own views on abortion instead of having a set of universal rules. This is because of the way they perceive the bible and its teachings. Some may be very literal, others may not take the bible teachings as literally. Another reason why their beliefs may be different is because the question " when does life begin?" raises different opinions and all groups have their own view on when a human life has started and would be undecided whether or abortion would be killing a live human being or whether it wouldn't matter because it is not yet alive. ...read more.


"it is the life of a new human being with its own growth. It would never be a human if it were not human already". One more reason why the Roman Catholics are reluctant to accept abortion as a method of birth control that they believe God has chosen you to live before you are even born. The Lord said " I choose you before I give you life, and before you were born I I selected you to be a prophet to the nations". (Jermiah 1:4) Roman Catholics believe so strongly in the view that life is sacred that they don't want to risk any chance of killing off Gods wishes for them not to have children that they don't use contraception or birth control at all. All Christians believe in the sanctity of life. This means they believe life is holy, sacred and pure and should be protected. A denomination of the Christian faith that does allows abortion is the Church of England. The Church of England does not allow abortion in all circumstances. This means it may agree, in some situations "There are times when it would be better for a child not to be born" in the context of abortion. ...read more.


This is a group, which has a minority of Christian support, mainly because their views are totally different from larger Christian denominations. Their attitude to the operation is that it is an acceptable thing to do if you should wish to. They believe abortion is "A valuable medical strategy which can empower women to exercise their rights over their own bodies" This mean abortion is allowed in any circumstance the only time abortion is not allowed is where the woman is being forced to abort, against her will. The decision must always be down to the mother and that each woman has the right to control her own fertility. Although they are Christians and do believe in God they take the bible teachings very liberally. This means as time goes along and society changes so must the morals and the teachings of the bible. The things Pro- Choice groups focus on are that woman is individual and an equal in the world. 2woman will only be able to take a full and equal role in society when we can all decide for our selves whether and when we have children" they believe the lord would have wanted them to be equal and also believe that Jesus may have allowed abortion in some cases because of his stories of healing the suffering. They think the only person who can choose and make the correct decision for her. ...read more.

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