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"There has been much debate over the last decade into the effects that the media can have on anti-social behaviour."Construct a balanced essay argument based on research evidence (24 marks

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"There has been much debate over the last decade into the effects that the media can have on anti-social behaviour." Construct a balanced essay argument based on research evidence (24 marks) The media are a form of mass communication, with the internet, radio, television, newspaper and advertising surrounding us, and therefore the media is increasingly blamed for violence in our society. Programmes such as wrestling and computer a game are blamed for aggression in playgrounds and films such as "Childs Play" have been blamed for murders such as that of James Bulger. The argument is whether media are positive and negative in influencing violence. There are several explanations of media influences on anti-social behaviour, one being that of desensitisation. This argument assumes that, under normal conditions, worry about violence reduces its use. Media may, however, inspire aggressive behaviour by desensitising children to the effects of violence. ...read more.


Another explanation of media influence on antisocial behaviour is observation learning. Bandura argues that television can shape the forms that aggressive behaviour takes. Television can teach skills that may be useful for committing acts of violence; it can direct the viewer's attention to behaviours that they may not have considered. For example, young people may action films or learn effective tactics for committing violent crime. There is frequent subjective evidence that bizarre violent events have followed soon after their depiction on television, suggesting a form of copycat behaviour. Bandura also supported his claim that aggression is learned through the imitation of others when he conducted his "Bobo Doll" study, where he found that children would imitate an adult's aggressive behaviour towards the doll whether that behaviour was viewed live, on film or in a cartoon. This was supported in another study where children where found to be more aggressive in the playground after viewing violent material. ...read more.


There is no right or wrong answer as to whether media promotes violence as everyone will interpret what violence is, and to what extent is to violent if asked, in their own individual way. Research does suggest that we are sponges who absorb the information. However not al research can be supports and no actual links have been found to certify a link. Society has evolved increasingly over the years in violence and technology, so is the increase in violence just due to improvements in communication, making news more precise, up to date and easily accessible so more people hear about I and more can be reported or is society as a whole becoming more violent due to this improved technology, or is there an increase in violence due to a completely different factor? As yet the answer it not certain. ...read more.

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