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There is a lot of prejudice around today, and it was the same in Jesus' time.

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RE Coursework - Prejudice Chris Russell There is a lot of prejudice around today, and it was the same in Jesus' time. The meaning of prejudice is "judgement or opinion reached prematurely or on insufficient basis". This can be in the form of forming an opinion of someone before you know him or her, on the basis of their race, religion or any other beliefs. There was a lot of prejudice around in Jesus' day that he had to try to change people's minds about. For example the Jews did not like the Romans being in control of their homeland. The Romans charged heavy taxes, didn't respect the Jewish religion and many other offensive and insulting things. I think that this was wrong of the Romans. A group of Jews called the Zealots used violence to try and rid Palestine of Romans. Although the Jews were badly treated I don't think that they should have used violence. Another form of prejudice in Jesus' day was against the sick, especially lepers. The people thought that sickness was a punishment from God so sick people must be sinners. People didn't try to help the lepers because it was thought to be very contagious so they were sent out of their town to roam about. A specific example of prejudice is the story of Zacchaeus. ...read more.


The man replied that he wanted to see again. Jesus then healed the man and said, "Then see! Your faith has made you well!" The man got up and praised the Lord, and when the crowd saw, they praised God too. It was the people in the crowd who showed prejudice in this example. They thought that the blind man wasn't good enough to see Jesus, and tried to get him to be quiet. The man, however, kept trying because he had faith and knew that Jesus could heal him. This was a brilliant act of faithfulness and Jesus recognised it, and healed the man. At the end of the story, the people realised that they had been wrong to scold the blind man, and joined him in praising God. Everybody in the world has been prejudiced against someone or something. People can be prejudiced without even knowing it. I think that is why it is such a common problem in the world. In this part of the essay I am going to give two examples of prejudice in modern times. The first example is the well-known story of Martin Luther King. He and all other black people in America in the 1960's were greatly discriminated against, for as I see it, no good reason. Their children had to go to separate schools, they weren't allowed in some shops and had to sit at the back of a bus, separate from white people. ...read more.


The white people who were prejudiced against blacks had no reason to dislike them. They had done no harm and didn't deserve to be treated badly. In fact, it was white people who brought blacks over from Africa to be slaves. Unfortunately, this is the way prejudice works. People pre-judge before they know all of the facts and circumstances. Martin used love and compassion to overcome prejudice. Many people wanted to use violence but he persuaded them not to. The people around her treated her badly because they thought she was just like any other "smack head". They thought she just did it for the fun of it. If they had spoken to her and tried to help her, they would have found out why she took drugs. She had felt lonely and very depressed, after her mother's suicide, so she took drugs to try to block out her problems. Lots of things have changed since Jesus' time, but prejudiced hasn't. It was just as rife then as it is today. We can learn from the teachings of Jesus to help solve this problem, and apply them to our lives. Like in examples I have mentioned earlier, Jesus looked beyond prejudice and brought people closer to God. I know that if I do as I have mentioned, and follow the teachings of Jesus, I will have the love and compassion to overcome the prejudices in my life, and in doing so become more like Jesus. ...read more.

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