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There is much controversy concerning the question 'When does life begin?' with differing religious views and traditions as well as the ongoing legal, medical and moral debates.

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There is much controversy concerning the question 'When does life begin?' with differing religious views and traditions as well as the ongoing legal, medical and moral debates. British law suggests life begins at around 24 weeks, we draw this conclusion from 'the human fertilisation and embryology act, 1990' which tells us that an abortion is permitted until this time. The Roman Catholic church considers the fertilized egg, embryo and foetus to be full human lives from the moment of conception. They also follow the teaching 'Humanae Vitae' (on human life). Some Christians agree with this, while others believe that the foetus cannot be described as alive until later in pregnancy, some believe that a foetus becomes a human at ensoulment (when a humans soul enters it's body) and others at quickening, when the child first begins to move. Buddhists believe in reincarnation and that life is continuous, at death the soul passes into a new form or body. I have found information telling me that the medical and science world believes that life begins at conception, however I found this information on a pro life ...read more.


Catholics may use the church teaching 'Humanae Vitae' during a discussion. Humanae Vitae teaches us that life is sacred and should not be destroyed. It is the teaching of the pope. Jeremiah 1:5 The Call of Jeremiah Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, Before you came to birth I consecrated you; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. This also tells us that God knows us and has planned our lives before conception and before birth. The Editor Western Morning News Devon Dear Sir, I am sure you know of the British Pregnancy Advisory Services plans to open a new clinic in our area. I understand that at this centre abortions will take place. Abortion is every woman's right but I am concerned that women attending this clinic will not receive information on all choices available to them. As a Christian I believe it is important for young women to be given all the information they need to exercise their own choice. As a Christian I believe that sometimes abortion may be the loving thing to do (Luke 6: 34-38) ...read more.


Yours Sincerely, Mr V Jones ' Life is precious and sacred from the moment of conception' All evidence suggests that life is sacred and precious. We work hard to preserve, prolong and create life. We also punish those who take it away, those who commit murder. Christianity also suggests that life is precious and sacred. The bible tells us not to kill (Luke 6: 34-38) it also tells us that every human is gods temple and should not be destroyed (1 Corinthians 3:16-18). God is involved in life from conception, he plans life from then. If life is important enough for this then it must be sacred. These are all things Christians would draw on when thinking about the above quote. I agree that life is precious and sacred, whether this is so from the moment of conception I am not sure. When does life begin at conception or later, I don't think anyone really knows if the statement is true. Life is defiantly sacred and precious but from when? ...read more.

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