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There is no evidence for life after death. Discuss this statement.

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?There is no evidence for life after death?. Discuss this statement. In this day and age, we are very afraid of death and therefore try to avoid mentioning it and most people receive much comfort from the thought that we will have eternal life in Heaven. However, there is not much physical evidence for this which raises the question, whether there is enough evidence of life after death. Most Christians see life after death as a reward for leading a good Christian life on earth. If you believe in God and you do good things, you deserve to be rewarded in Heaven. However, if you sin and are evil you deserve to be punished. ...read more.


I think that this is a less good argument for life after death as near-death experiences are very personal and therefore very difficult to verify. Most Christian?s are dualists and therefore believe that the soul exists and is independent from the body. There is much biblical evidence for the soul: in Genesis 2 it states that ?the Lord God breathed life into his nostrils).This therefore means that when the body dies, the soul lives on (as it is eternal) and it is the soul that goes to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory (for Catholics). Christians would also look to Jesus for examples of life after death. ...read more.


Very radical Christians believe that we do not have life after death as Heaven and Hell are merely symbolic and that we have created them and they therefore don?t exist. Also, there is no scientific evidence to prove either way whether there is an afterlife. I think that this view is more likely to be true but this wouldn?t convince a Christian who would call these radical Christians heretics. Although there is little physical evidence of an after-life, I believe that humans need to believe in the idea of some sort of live after death, and so whether it physically exists or not is not important as it causes people to live good lives. ...read more.

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