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There is no evidence for life after death. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing you have considered another point of view. In you should refer to at least one religion.

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"There is no evidence for life after death". Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer, showing you have considered another point of view. In you should refer to at least one religion. The question is asking me if I agree if there is no evidence for life after death, in my answer I should consider another religious point of view. An atheist would agree with this statement because they may have not experienced any supernatural events involving ghosts or the concept that they believe that God has never existed- and therefore without God, there can't be any life after death. (Because this is the whole oral deal of God judging you on your soul and the number of sins you have committed being Heaven or Hell.) ...read more.


I agree with the Muslim point of view because, with not having any evidence for an event doesn't mean that it does not really exist because; take people with cancer for instance, some survive and are cured- without any medicine, but self determination to keep on going. In prospect to this I find that it takes lack of understanding to say something is wrong or to simply say it does not exist-without really having a deeper though about the issue, and why it happened. As an atheist point of view resembles this kind of attitude. "God answers everyone's prayers." Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, showing you have considered another point of view. ...read more.


And the un explained factor of people curing from cancer ect, from extensive praying to God these unexplained events happened, as the only person who is omnipotent to do this is God. I believe that the atheist point of view is the strongest because if God was omnipotent, then why didn't he stop the death from happening. If God was Benevolent, then why did he allow the relative to die, and if God was omniscient then why on earth didn't he do something about it before the symptoms of the disease took place! Note: I am really stuck on why a Christian/Muslim would believe that God answers all are prays? Is there revision still on Thursdays after school + and Friday lunch times. By: Richard Batsford. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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