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There is no excuse to take your own life. Discuss.

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?There is no excuse to take your own life.? There has always been a serious debate about why people take there own lives and why the should and should not do it. Most religions strongly believe that committing suicide is a horrific act and that should someone do it they will be condemned to hell for eternity. They think this, as they believe that God was kind enough to give them life so they should show him respect by worshipping him and living their life. It is believed to be a very bad sin to take your life. ...read more.


By killing yourself you may vanquish your own problems but you will cause pain and grief for everyone in the world you left behind that cared about you. However there are some moments in life when taking your own life could be considered to be ok. The most common instance like this is when people are terminally ill. If they are dying already and there is no way of them getting better people often consider having euthanasia. This is assisted suicide. People will go to special doctor who will inject them with a fatal dose of a chemical, which will end their life with no pain whatsoever. ...read more.


Should anyone ever encounter a problem in life they should have the courage and be brave enough to tackle this problem instead of being a coward and a taking the easy way out. Anyone who does this should rightfully be sent to hell. However I also believe that, in the right circumstances, it should be ok for people to under go euthanasia to put a dignified end to there life and to stop their suffering. I hope you can see the very fine line between a sin and an act of kindness. Elliott Botterill ...read more.

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