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There is nothing wrong with being a rich christian

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"There is nothing wrong with being a rich Christian" By Olivia Scarlett 10LG Di.) I disagree with this statement, because in Mark's Gospel Jesus says "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle then for a rich man to go to heaven", therefore stating that if you have wealth and riches, and you are a Christian, you will not go to heaven. This means it is bad to be Christian and have lots of money. It says that it is only harder for the rich person to enter heaven. ...read more.


But those who behave right in the way of God, keeping His commandments, regardless of material wealth and status however will make it. Rich christians have more to lose than the poorer christians. If you are rich and have to give up your money because of the following of Jesus' teachings and want to go to heaven, you have to give up your nice possessions, your job (possibly), your house and turn your life around. Dii.) However, some people may disagree. If Christians follow Jesus and his teachings, they should give to charities and Christian organizations and the church willingly without any doubt or issues arising. ...read more.


You can't rely on people to sort out your own life, otherwise this can cause them unhappiness. Money in some senses is happiness. Not neccisarily having a huge mansion with a swimming pool in Hollywood kind-of-rich, but more just being comfortably off with no stress in your life of worries of financial problems and affording basic necessities. Isn't Christianity about loving God, Jesus and generally having a good life? How can people achieve happiness if they can't afford to put shelter over their own heads? However, a true Christian follows Jesus' teachings and as Jesus shows it Is better to be poor as you can get into heaven, then that is who and what you should learn from and try to follow, to have a true, meaningful Christian life. ...read more.

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