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"There should be no rich religious people as long as there is poverty." I will examine eight points of view and explain them in and what could to those opinions then, based on those, come to my own conclusions.

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There Should Be No Rich Religious People As Long As There Is Poverty. "There should be no rich religious people as long as there is poverty." I will examine eight points of view and explain them in and what could to those opinions then, based on those, come to my own conclusions. 'Religious People Could Do More' Religious people in that 10% are prone to having spare money, yet not much is done. If they were to donate enough money poverty could be brought to an end in a variety of places. This would mean a lot of money being donated, but if you have the responsibility given to you by your God to look after your neighbour you should obey with no reluctance. That is, if you are truly religious. The religious people would fund-raise and donate. 'Everyone is responsible to help the poor' Any religious person should automatically agree with this on the basis that many religions state that those who follow its teachings should give to the poor, let alone just normal people with no particular beliefs. ...read more.


medical career were to have �17,000 and �180,000 respectively, taken from them and given �53,000 each it wouldn't be fair as the surgeon would've had to worked really hard to get to where he is while the street-sweeper may have got his job for the asking. All religious people have to do is give their spare money, but not what they need. If they work hard, why should they if they are not doing it so that they can get by? 'There's no point in everyone being poor' This seems like a totally selfish point, and any religious person would agree. It is however, a sensible point, only in the sense that it coincides with the two points made above. The only two alternatives to this are everyone having an equal share of money (Greed prevails. More poverty spreads to a level worse then before.) Or us becoming poor through giving so much and it going towards so little because of how bad the situation are in poor countries and how much it costs to repair. Religious people should not be rich, neither poor, which once again, means they should give what they could spare. ...read more.


He spent money to help his people on himself. What is the point of giving money to a charity if it is just going to be spent on mansions instead of water pumps for villages? This should only increase reluctance to donating to charity, so it is in a sense, acceptable to not donate money, so maybe it is possible that there acceptable circumstances for a religious person being rich if they don't want to give money to the greedy, not the needy. Looking at these different views, I see that there are plenty of reasons for there not being rich people while there are not poor people. However, I think there should be rich people while there are poor people because that everybody having the same money is merely a dream. It wouldn't last long, greed would take over and we would find ourselves where we are now, if not worse. I believe rich people should give money, of course. It's just that giving all or most of their money will render them in poverty too, and with corrupt governments the donation may have been worthless too. ...read more.

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