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'There should be one style of worship for all believers.' Do you agree?

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Christian Worship Rachel Stevens Religious Studies Coursework c.) 'There should be one style of worship for all believers.' Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answer and show that you have thought about different points of view. You must refer to the religion which you are studying in your answer. Personally I do not agree with the statement 'There should be one style of worship for all believers,' because shouldn't worship be a matter of personal preference? Surly different people prefer different styles depending on their personality and their character. How could anyone force everyone in the world to worship in the same way? People shouldn't be pressured into the way they worship because would it not be true that only some people would like that style of worship and others would not? Everyone is different and therefore, obviously, they like different styles of worship. ...read more.


Muslims worship in a building called a mosque. Outside every mosque, or just inside the entrance, is a place where worshippers must remove and leave their shoes. There is also a place where they can carry out the ritual washing required before prayer. Everyone must sit on the floor and they all have to face one of the walls containing a niche, which shows the direction that the worshippers should face in order to face Mecca. Women must sit separately from the men to prevent any distraction. Ritual prayer, five times a day, is the essence of Muslim worship, whether done in the mosque or anywhere else. Before praying Muslims must follow a routine of prayer preparation. During worship there is a set of movements that are performed with the five daily prayers. Before the midday prayers on Fridays the mosque's imam will give a talk on a relevant subject, based on a Qur'anic text or a story about the Prophet (pbuh). ...read more.


Christians believe that it is a personal choice to how you want to worship, and that you should feel comfortable in the style you choose. Christians do believe that Sunday should be the main day of worship, but people can still worship God whenever or wherever they wish. For Christians, worship is a way of expressing what they believe about Jesus Christ. It is important for them to meet regularly with other believers to worship together. At other times they may worship on their own or with their families. Worship can involve all sorts of activities. Reading the bible, singing hymns, songs and psalms, praying and listening to sermons are all aspects of worship. Christians have many styles of worship and people will prefer one particular style depending on their personality and their character. They are three main types of worship (which have all been explained in the previous question) are; * Formal Worship * Informal Worship * Personal Worship Christians do not feel the need to worship in the same way or at a set time. ...read more.

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