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"This country is losing all its moral standards"

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Hw 2nd March 2005 "This country is losing all its moral standards" In the past morals were mostly guided by religion. Most people believed strongly in their religion, and followed the rules very carefully, for fear of sin and punishment. However nowadays, religion is not such an important factor of life and morals are guided by personal conscience and to fit in with others. Many things which were unacceptable in society just a few centuries ago are now everyday life occurrences. For example, divorce. Not long ago it was frowned upon and thought of as a great sin to get divorced. ...read more.


I think morals depend entirely on the circumstances, if there is a good enough reason for divorce then absolutely, why continue putting yourself through grief. On the other hand, it is entirely up to the people involved, they may have personal reasons and it is nobody else's business. Often you see young people out on the streets, with nothing else to do but terrorise people on the streets, you see old people 'tut' and say "what is this world coming to?" and that today's kids have no "morals". I do not agree, the reason today's children have grown up, with there own ideas of right and wrong is because of the worlds constantly advancing society. ...read more.


If they hang around on the streets from when they are young, then they begin to try and act 'cool' and do the wrong thing to impress their peers. This is why today kids have a lesser idea of morals, but if society hadn't changed over time then we would be nowhere nearly as advanced and would be in a lot of trouble as a country. I believe that yes, we are losing are morals, but not for no reason. I don't think that some morals are fair either and it entirely depends on the person and the circumstances; like divorce, abortion and euthanasia. These are mostly for good reasons and it is not right to stay unhappy if we can do something about it. Jade Hicks- 9xw ...read more.

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