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This coursework is aimed at discussing and coming to a conclusion about weather "abortion is a gift or a curse to society".

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INTRODUCTION This coursework is aimed at discussing and coming to a conclusion about weather "abortion is a gift or a curse to society" Firstly we should define the term abortion as: -The intention or destruction of a foetus or the enduring of a premature expulsion from the womb causing the death of the foetus Legal position: Abortion is legal under certain circumstances in Scotland, England and Wales. The legislation to permit this is the abortion act of 1967 and the human fertilization and embryology act of 1990 . According to these abortion is allowed if one of the following circumstances are met: A-if there is risk to the life of the mother B-if there is risk that the mother nay suffer from mental or physical health injury C-if there is risk to the life styles of the mothers existing children D-if there is a strong chance that the baby may suffer from serious mental or physical abnormalities. ...read more.


The same goes made pregnant because of incest: or a mentally deficient girl who gets pregnant: or a school girl of 14. -Every child has the right to be a wanted child. Abortion saves thousands of children from being unwanted and saves society of many problems To equal out the argument here are a few points from the give life a chance group: -Modern science proves that the unborn child ids a separate human being from contraception, it is never just part of his/her mothers body. -By allowing abortion, society is taking the easy way out, it should concentrate on improving the quality of life in society. -Even in the womb an unborn child has the right not to be killed. -Abortion is not just a matter of religion it is about murder, injustice and the denial of human rights. The U.N. delegation on the rights of a child states that children need protect ion before as well as after birth. ...read more.


"let the children come to me do not hinder them for the kingdom pf heaven belongs to such as these" On the other hand the bible says at one point that the foetus is not regarded as bring important to god as a growing human because the punishment for killing ad unborn child is a fine whereas in all other circumstances murder is punished by death. e.g. If two men are fighting and hurt a pregnant woman so that she losses her baby , but is not injured in any other way, then the man who hurt her is to be fined whatever amount of money the woman's husband demands, subject to the approval of the judges. The churches would agree with what the bible says in that abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances even though it is the destruction of a human life. To concluded I will enter my own view point on abortion: I agree with the moderates that abortion should only be allowed under certain circumstances as it the destruction of human life no matter what way you try top cover it up. ...read more.

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