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This essay will be written about Christian beliefs on two things, the death of Jesus and life after death.

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R.E Coursework This essay will be written about Christian beliefs on two things, the death of Jesus and life after death. These two topics are liked because Christian beliefs on life after death are rooted in Jesus death and resurrection. As for the part written on Jesus death I will write about the event which causes the authorities to go to the extreme and kill Jesus, also I will be writing about what the death of Jesus achieved for mankind. In the period of time which Jesus lived the Jewish people were under occupation. The Roman Empire was occupying Israel. At this time the Jewish people believed that a Messiah would come and save them from the Romans, they though this because of their prophets. ...read more.


This annoyed the Jewish leader because it was threatening them. The were worried about Jesus because they new the people like him and they thought he could eventually have the power to overthrow them, and they new that Jesus did not agree with their teachings because he spoke out about them on many occasions. The problem that the Jewish leader's had was that with the Roman occupation they did not have to power to punish Jesus. So they asked the Romans to, the Romans did punish Jesus, but not for what the Sanhedrin wanted him to be tried for. He was punished for calling himself the King of the Jews. The Romans punished this because their emperor was the king of the Jew's, not Jesus. ...read more.


The last thing that I am going to comment on is Judgement day. This is the last day in time where every one who ever was will rise under God and await judgement. This is the Christian belief. Some people take this literally e.g. dead people will get up and walk around the Earth, where as other people take this in a literal sense e.g. judgement day happens when you die. Either way you look at it the evil are separated from the good. The good are rewarded and the evil are punished. Conclusion: Basically Jesus mission on Earth was to prepare the people for what to expect when they die, then he completed his mission by atonement or making us one with God. This worked well because today Christianity is the biggest religion on the planet. Thomas Lohan 11 More R.E Coursework A01 ...read more.

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