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This essay will discuss which of the three previous topics was to blame for stalemate on the western front. The three topics were, trench warfare, weapons and tactics.

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This essay will discuss which of the three previous topics was to blame for stalemate on the western front. The three topics were, trench warfare, weapons and tactics. In my opinion I think that the trench warfare was most responsible for creating stalemate in the Great War. As they were built for protection they were protecting the soldiers from attack, but because they were so well built they caused major problems. The trenches being there, prevented attacks from working and prevented soldiers from fighting. Troops knew that their trenches protected them so their tactics (especially the Germans) were made around the idea of trenches. This was a safety net for them. ...read more.


Although you have to think was it that way round. The new weapons introduced were so powerful that trenches had to be invented, as it wasn't possible to have one big charge across a field with those weapons. Take the trenches away and the tactics would have been completely different and most probably more effective, again though was there any need for tactics without the use of trenches and new weapons. The tactics used in the Great War were greatly influenced by the use of trenches. The tactics used by the British generals were to bomb the enemy, to try to poison the enemy and to attack them on foot. ...read more.


This battle began on 1st July 1916 and lasted until November the same year. The same tactics, weapons and trenches were used in the battle. Injuries were shockingly high. On the very first day 20,000 British allied men were lost, and 60,000 British allied men either died or were injured therefore being put out of action. With this amount of men out of the battle on the first day only, it was blatantly obvious that something was wrong with the decisions being made. This stated the obvious; that the same weapons, tactics, and trenches were not very effective and needed to be improved in the Great War. The fact is though, that not much was changed at all. Consequently this caused stalemate on the Western front. ...read more.

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