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This is coursework is about Pilgrimage. The coursework is divided into three parts. I am going to talk about what happens at pilgrimage, why people go and reasons why/why not are these places becoming too commercialised. But what is a pilgrimage?

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G.C.S.E. R.E. COURSEWORK "PILGRIMAGE" Carolina Garcia-Cox Introduction This is coursework is about Pilgrimage. The coursework is divided into three parts. I am going to talk about what happens at pilgrimage, why people go and reasons why/why not are these places becoming too commercialised. But what is a pilgrimage? A Christian Pilgrimage is a journey undertaken, by believers to a place, which is, for some reason, considered to be holy. No one has the obligation to go but religious pilgrims have been particularly important in the Catholic Church for centuries. Many Christians have seen them as an essential part of their own spiritual journey as it not only takes them to places where God, or one of his saints, have revealed themselves in the past, but it also gives them an opportunity to meet people involved in similar journeys. There are many places of pilgrimage like: Lourdes in France, Rome in Italy, Taize in France, Holy Land in Israel, Knock in Ireland, Santiago de Compostella in Spain, and many more. AO1 Lourdes is a town in the South of France. It is in the Pyrenees mountains. In 1858, a teenage girl named Marie (who later changed her name to Bernadette) believed she had several visions of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Bernadette's parents were poor farmers, and she was uneducated. ...read more.


The difference between these two places is that Taize, unlike Lourdes, isn't a place where Jesus went or Our Lady or any Saint appeared. In both places people do similar things mainly praying to become closer to God. AO2 There are many reasons why people go on pilgrimage. Making a pilgrimage takes people away from their homes and gives them a chance to forget the distractions of everyday life. They go to visit the places where Jesus lived and taught, to experience the atmosphere, so they can deepen their understanding of Jesus' teaching and obtain a deeper understanding of God. Some people go to be cured of an illness or a disability, do better on their job, become more affluent, overcome a difficulty such as shyness, and so on. People may need special help from someone else, perhaps one of their children, who faces some kind of difficult situation. Often people find mixing with others of the same faith as themselves helps them to follow it more closely. At home they do not have time to talk about religion, but on a pilgrimage there are plenty of chances. They are surrounded by people who share their beliefs. They are all in one place for the same reason. They worship together and care for each other. ...read more.


Some are more than others. I don't think commercialism in these places should bother anyone; because in my opinion it would make your stay more enjoyable, because you can as well as visiting the religious place, visit the touristic places. However others may disagree with and agree with the statement. Some people think that shops, especially souvenir shops, are very tacky. Commercialised places tend to be very noisy and disturbing for some people, which leads to be a bit off putting for their praying activities. Unlike my opinion they say that if you go on a pilgrimage is to dedicate your full attention to God, by praying, visiting the religious place of pilgrimage, and so on. If you have decided to go on a pilgrimage you shouldn't be distracted by other things that have nothing to do with your religion. If you want some social time, there are plenty of things you can do there. You can be with other people too and share your experiences them. In conclusion, I think that places of pilgrimage have all the right to be commercialised. If people want some time off their prayers or visiting all the religious events, it is good to have around you all the things that you would find in a normal town or city. If you feel that you only want to dedicate yourself to God, you shouldn't let commercialism put you off, because there are other people who do want it. ...read more.

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