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This is mainly said at the end of the Mass and the Priest is saying go spread the word of the Lord so that Mass can go on through to the next Sabbath day and mainly by Roman Catholics

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The word Mass comes from the words 'Ist Missa Est' which is Latin and means to be sent. This is mainly said at the end of the Mass and the Priest is saying go spread the word of the Lord so that Mass can go on through to the next Sabbath day and mainly by Roman Catholics. Jesus, on the Last Supper performed the first ever Mass, by which is meant that he gave the 12 disciples his body and blood for the first time and made the mass become a weekly celebration by saying 'Do this in memory of me' The service of the mass can be broken down simply into 5 main parts. These are: * Hello - that is when the priest says welcome to the mass and tells you the theme of the Mass, this is when the Mass is dedicated to someone or on a celebration day for example Christmas or Easter * Sorry - this is when we say sorry for our sins in ways of prayer * Listen - this is when we listen to the Homily and the Gospel which is the word of God * Thanks - this is when we say thank you to God and Jesus in prayer * Goodbye - this I when the Priest tells you to go and spread the word of ...read more.


In this section all eyes should be towards the lectern. The first reading is usually from the Old Testament from the Acts of the Apostles during Eastertide. A member of the congregation reads this. The readings are not from the bible itself but from the Lectionary. The psalm response comes next and this is when the Priest will ask God for different things for example 'Please can you help all the people who have been effected by the tsunami.' The congregation will then reply 'Lord Have Mercy' The second reading is after that. This reading is from the new or old testament. They are usually from letters. Next is the Gospel Acclamation. This is when an ordained minister will bring the bible over to the Lectern and candles will be lit to show a sign of respect and so that you know how important the Gospel is. Now comes the Gospel. The gospel is usually in the theme of the mass. This is the inspired word of God. Next is the Homily. This is what the ordained minister, who said the Gospel, will but the Gospel into modern day language. The best is short and simple so that people understand it and don't loose concentration. Now comes the profession of faith. ...read more.


Jesus said these so that we shall keep it holy. We will show that there is only one God that we will pray to. Others go so that hey will go to heaven and to be free from sin. And others go because that are in need of help and God is the only one they can turn to and that can help them. Most people go to church to strengthen their faith as well as to strengthen their relationship with God and Jesus. They also come to Church to get support from their community and God. And also some people come because they think that the closest thing to Jesus is to take the Eucharist. We also have to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus and when they go to heaven. We also feel like a community when we go to Church because we are part of the family of believers. Also we are fed spiritually when we go to Church so that we receive Gods voice and replies to our prayers. There are four different types of prayers that we say to God. These are thanking, asking, praising and forgiveness. Many people say that prayer should be private and that you should be one to one with God. But others say that our prayers will be heard more and will be stronger if we pray as a community of believers at Church. ...read more.

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