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thre should be no rich people int the world as long as there is poverty in the world

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There should be no rich people in the world as long as there is poverty in the world Many people would disagree with this statement because there are stories that the money you raise for aid is not going to the poor. Sometimes it gets to the wrong hands and is then wasted. There are sometimes reports of how it finds its way into the hands of corrupt leaders who take it for their own personal wealth instead of the poor people it's meant to help. People believe that they should not have to waste their money by giving to charities. They would argue that often the money is donated wasted and eaten up within the charity organization to help pay its employees and administration cost. Many Christian would argue that one cause of poverty is due to natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes and wars. These types of things are always going to happen so it is useful to have more people with more money to advise and help the poor at tragic times. So in a way more can be done to if there are rich people. Many people would argue that there is nothing wrong about being rich because poverty is not their fault so why should they pay and suffer? ...read more.


Money is neither good nor bad- what matter most is the use to which use money is put. It can be used to help the poor and needy or it can be purely wasted. Jesus does not condemn people for being rich but on their failure to put their riches at use. It can be argued that he expects the wealthy to give generously to help the poor but not share it out if everyone had the same no one would be in a position to help. Another argument is by giving the poor it's a way of fighting against evil. Injustice and corruption often causes poverty and Christians are encouraged to fight such evils wherever they find them. So for some Christians using their wealth for the benefit of others is a means of fighting evil. However on the other hand, many Christians would agree with this statement, as they agree that Christians believe it is important to share with the poor. Matthew 6 tells us god will reward you if you give and help the needy. One further argument would be that some riche people and countries become rich by exploiting the poor people and the poor countries. ...read more.


(Mark 12) this would mean that there should be no poor or suffering person in the world. It suggests that the rich should be prepared to share their wealth with their 'neighbours', namely the poor. Another argument is that with the bible there are many warnings about wealth and its misuse. One example is that of the parable of the Rich fool. In this parable Jesus teaches that excessive wealth and greed is wrong. The rich fool dies and must leave behind his great wealth. God punishes him for failing to put his wealth to good use. He wasted his life storing up riches that are no value to him in the next life. I have finally studied up both sides of the argument and I have come up with my own opinion. In my own opinion I think rich people should be allowed, as there are many rich who put lots of effort into earning their money and still have the decency to give some of their money to the poor to help those in need and they will be able to give them money and skills. For these reasons, I have come to the conclusion that there should be rich people in the world because in this way they can help those in need in a more affective way. ...read more.

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