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THREE POWERFUL RELIGIONS. Judaism, Islam and Rastafarianism.

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THREE POWERFUL RELIGIONS In my Religious Education lessons I have studied many different religons and managed to broaden my knowledge on different practices and life styles of people all over the world. Now my school term is ending I have been given the task to choose from different topics, I decided to choose the task of taking 3 religions and comparing their beliefes. I have chosen the religions Judaism, Islam and Rastafarianism. I am going to begin with Judaism- Judaism - Jews believe that actions are very important no matter how much you have studied about the Jewish religion and no matter how high your title may be, if your actions aren't pleasing to g-d, also known as Adonai in prayer (g-d will be explained later on). Also by not abiding to g-d's laws thay aren't being faithful to the religion. Jews also believe that (like many other religions) there is only one G-d also known as monotheism. They believe that g-d created everything in this unvierse, also that every single person has their own personal relationship with g-d and that g-d is still working and effecting everything that we choose to do. ...read more.


and Allah's prophet Mohammad* (*PBUH). Muslims follow their holy book the Qu'ran, this book full of holy scriptures, rules exandind on and update on the New and Old Testiments, this contains 144 chapters. It also discusses laws (Sharia), generosity, fairness, daily prayer, alms giving and abstinence (moderation) during celebrations such as Ramadan and journeys to Mecca. As said before Muslims believe that there is only one God Allah, and that he is the source of all creation. To sum it all up there is no God but Allah and Muhammad* is his messanger. Muslims believe that people should become something called a single Ommah (community) and that they will be judged on their actions and eventualy sent to heaven or hell. Although Muslims tend to be divided into two 'groups' one being Sunni (90% of Muslims) and Shia (10%), they have different focuses although they share most of the same customs. In the Muslim religion there are 5 pillars of Islam these are Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Swam. Shahada- Faith in the uniqueness of Allah Salat- Formal worship and prayer Zakat- Giving alms (helping/giving something freely) to people Hajj- Pilgrimage to Mecca Swam- Fasting during Ramadan Muslims have a strong belife in angels, heaven, hell and Judgement day they also wait for the return of the prophet. ...read more.


Following the word of Jah 'ever loving, every fearful ever sure as Selassie. Unlike some religions rastafarianism does not belive in focusing all of your time on material objects and that all they really need are carvings, scriptures and being able to set time aside to contemplate on their relgion and other topics. As the aim of Rastafarians was to eliminate the oppression that black people received, they believe on staying as far away as they can from the 'white mans world'. Rastafarians follow the bible or Rasta Holy Scriptures, and believe in using hermenutics to help them take scriptures and apply them properly to their lives. Rastafarians also believe the importance of growing their hair naturaly, later forming dreadlocks, for them this shows Jah that they cherish everything they have been given. Rastafarians believe that the smoking of Marajuana is important for meditation and reflection. Rastafarian men and women are quite equal although women do not need to smoke marajuana or take part in certain situations, Rastafarian women are taught to respect them selves and don't believe in show casing their bodies to people as that is inviting people to in a way abuse their self respect. A good example of a 'faithful' rastafarian was Bob Marley, through his music he managed to make the rasta religon well known and helped people take notice. ...read more.

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