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To confirm that Sainsbury's agree and abide by these Legislations of equal opportunities they have an equal opportunities policy.

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GNVQ Intermediate Business: How Businesses Work Task Four:- Equal Opportunities Legislations Business Name: Sainsbury's (J-Sainsbury's PLC) GNVQ Intermediate Business: How Businesses Work Task Four:- Equal Opportunities Legislations Introducing The Four Main Acts: The four essential main acts carried out at Sainsbury's are:- * The Employment Rights Act 1996- The main rights that all employees have. * The Sex Discrimination Act 1975- Gender * The Race Relations Act 1976- Race and ethnicity * The Disability Discrimination Act 1995- Disabilities To confirm that Sainsbury's agree and abide by these Legislations of equal opportunities they have an equal opportunities policy. This is a statement of the equal opportunities aims of Sainsbury's. All of these Equal Opportunities Legislations are agreed by the employees when they are being trained and sometimes Sainsbury's will train/teach their employees on how these legislations are taken into place within Sainsbury's policy's. Sainsbury's have a strict sex discrimination act as they are not like other businesses who just ask for ladies etc; they actually advertise for new applicants to be all genders which shows they are putting a lot of way for these legislations and wanting more mixed genders. ...read more.


'We are looking for a hard working person, male or female'. The Race Relations Act 1976 makes it unlawful for anyone to be discriminated on race (ethnic origin), religion, nationality and colour again directly or indirectly etc. e.g. 'Only white people can apply for this job', this was just an example; Sainsbury's will never ever advertise for jobs like this. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 is concerned with discrimination against people with disabilities. This applies to Sainsbury's as they employ over fifteen employees. The disabilities may include being physical, sensory or mental. When Sainsbury's interview disabled applicants the will judge them on the ability of work they can produce for Sainsbury's not on their disabilities. Discrimination: Different types of discrimination can be:- * Disability * Sex * Age * Being 'Picked on' * People being treated differently. * Religion/race This is why all of the legislation acts exist. Sainsbury's agrees and abides with all of them; this is why they have an equal opportunities policy. ...read more.


The case will be dismissed if Sainsbury's had a Genuine Occupational Qualification (GOQ) but they don't have this so they have no reason for breaking the acts laws. If an employee does decide to take Sainsbury's to an employment tribunal, it would damage Sainsbury's reputation and show that they do not care about the strict discrimination laws. All employees get an employment tribunal if they wish; for example all employees have the right to receive pay. If they don't they are being discriminated and can get compensation or their old job back without being discriminated. When Sainsbury's recruit, dismiss or promote their employees it cannot be based on discrimination. E.g. 'Being promoted when you are female but not when you are male' or 'As the applicant is tall Sainsbury's will employee him/her'. Sainsbury's do not agree by these discrimination examples and promote based on effort etc not on age etc. Sainsbury's have adapted their uniforms if an employee is a Muslim or another race that has to have strict clothing rules. E.g. trousers instead of skirts. ?? ?? ?? ?? Dervis Kemal 10ET GNVQ Intermediate Business Equal Opportunities Legislations Ms Smith ...read more.

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