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To find out the rateable values of shops along Church St, in and out of the C.B.D.

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? ? Aim: To find out the rateable values of shops along Church St, in and out of the C.B.D. ? Hypothesis: 1. The shops in the C.B.D pay higher rates than the other shops along Church Street. 2. The shops with the greatest width pay higher rates than those with narrow widths. ? Method: When I arrived at Church Street, I started from a specific end of the street, which would make the businesses easier to locate on the map. As I wrote the information needed about each shop, I noted the name of the shop and the address. This is because if a shop closes down, the address of the shop still remains. In some cases it was hard to locate the street number, as there was no-sign or plaque stating it. On these occasions I had to enquire in store by asking an assistant. ...read more.


(www.voa.gov.uk) ? Results: Name of Shop Address Number on map Width of Window (paces) Rank Order of Width Rateable Value Rank Order Rateable Value All: Sports 54, Church St 7 8th �59,000 4 Dixons 44-46 Church St 15 2nd �157,000 1st Marks & Spencer 49 Church St 24 1st �65,000 3rd Clinton Cards 64, Church St 9 6th �82,000 2nd Vernon Humpage 123 Church St 14 3rd �5, 700 7th Leftons 154-158 14 3rd �15,500 5th Kaukwit 127 Church St 7 8th �13,250 6th Peter Bevan 150 Church 12 5th �4,200 9th Whitworths Chemists 282 Church St 13 4th �5,000 8th Ashcrofts 269A Church St 8 7th �3,300 10th Wisemans 255 Church St 8 7TH �2,650 Joint 11th PondMarsh 253 Church St 7 8th �2,650 Joint 11th ? Evaluation: My evidence can prove that hypothesis number one is correct, as the further away from the C.B.D, the rateable values decrease, which you can tell from the results already. ...read more.


In conclusion to the second table which was completed the date, time and weather can affect the amount of customers a shop attracts, as if the weather was bad, this could be rain or cold, shoppers may head towards indoor shopping centres with facilities, which an street may not have. In the customer count, Marks and Spencer attracted the most amounts of people into their store, but the problem was with this store, which I didn't take into account, was that Marks and Spencer had two entrances, and I had only accounted for one. This was a mistake which seems to have not affected the outcome, as Marks and Spencer still had the most number of customers towards All: Sports, Vernon Humpage and Leftons. Surprisingly Vernon Humpage attracted more people than Leftons, a well known furniture shop, this may because the people going to Leftons are looking for a in particular piece of furniture, which are comparison goods. Whereas Vernon Humpage sells clothing, which has more of a demand on a daily basis. ...read more.

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