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To what extent, and in what respects, can it be argued that humankind is unique?

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To what extent, and in what respects, can it be argued that humankind unique? It is accepted that every single Human being on the planet is different. There may be striking similarities between parents and offspring but ultimately everyone is different. Darwin believed that animals and humans evolved and weren't made / designed by God. He believed that we evolved to our surroundings and that 'Natural selection,' decide who will and who won't survive, basically survival of the fittest. The theory of 'Natural selection is this: * In any species there are individual members whose particular characteristics help them to survive better than others. * Those who survive to adulthood are able to reproduce passing on those characteristics to the next generation. ...read more.


This suggests to me that we are all designed by a maker i.e. God, and as for humans evolving it could be put down to God's change in design and he wants us to be this way. Was Darwin genuinely Religious? Darwin didn't take the Bible literally, he found parts hard to believe n came up with his own beliefs (natural selection etc). In particular he thought that if God was going to influence the world in any way he would do it through natural law not by a miracle. Darwin believed that the miracles shown in the early Bible were fiction and that the people then were more gullible then today. ...read more.


I think Christianity has more answers to life and how we are here and the problems we face e.g. Death Suffering etc. but more importantly how the Earth came into existence. I don't think it's logical to talk about evolution before you try to explain the existence of the World. Christians will always say that God made the Earth and Created Man and a Christian will never deviate from this view. Also a Christian will say that people change like what Darwin says because God changes his design of a Human being, so in this respect the Christian faith isn't threatened. It is threatened from another angle. Darwin's view seems very logical to a Potential Christian, and this ease and logicality will understandably put an element of doubt in to the potential Christian's mind and therefore deter them from the faith. ...read more.

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