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To what extent has Christmas become over commercialised?

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To what extent has Christmas become over commercialised? The true origin of Christmas is a time to celebrate the incarnation of Jesus, a time when Christians believe God came to earth in human form. His birth which many referred to as the coming of the messiah was a time of great joy for the first Christians; his birth was greatly prophesised and anticipated. The happiness Christians felt at this time is why Christians today celebrate it, they feel it important to note the significance, (although many Christians are aware that December 25th is not Jesus' actual birthday, they feel the need to recognise it far more important the actual accuracy of the date). Contrary to all this evidence though, the way Christmas is celebrated today has virtually nothing to do religious meaning or celebration of Jesus' birth. ...read more.


These are just some of the thing which has no connection whatsoever to the real meaning of Christmas and serve no other purpose than to make rich profit of what is a sacred celebration. The huge amounts of waste from Christmas, the kilos of excess food thrown away while may starve; these lead us to believe that Christmas has become an extravaganza and not a time of reflection. The effect of all this is that the actual meaning of Christmas has become so distorted that even traditional thing such as Christmas cards now depict virtually anything apart from the Christmas story, in the absence of the nativity scene cards are background to animals, cartoon characters, glamour models, singers, celebrities. This commercialisation of Christmas seems not only to take away from its original meaning, but also morph the most traditional ideas into fodder for the never-ending hype. ...read more.


The true Christmas spirit can seem truly lost at times. Despite all this as long as there are still people who know and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, there will always be a balance, many positive things also happen at Christmas time. People's attention is drawn to helping the poor and charity donations increase, many services are attended, lifelong memories are formed, people express their love for each other and travel many miles to be with friends and family. There are good points as well as the bad and both have a relevant impact on the way Christmas is celebrated. To return to the question, we can clearly see that, yes, Christmas has become over commercialised, but the question poses; to what extent. From a Christian's view I would say to a worrying extent, however as long as there are people who truly wish to celebrate it for what it truly means, Christmas will always be Christmas. ...read more.

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