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Topic 5 - Good and Evil

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TOPIC FIVE - Good and Evil * The nature of good and evil, and its origins: - Good from God, benevolence - Evil from original sin, devil, free will, theodicy of Augustine (soul deciding), theodicy of Irenaeus (soul making), strength, hope from suffering of Jesus, God suffers alongside, life after death and God beyond human understanding - Two types of evil: moral and natural * Christian beliefs about God and the Devil: - Devil initially one of Gods helpers - Became jealous so rebelled - God expelled him and he set up his home in hell - Aim is to undermine God at every possibility (Genesis 3, Job, and Matthew 4) ...read more.


make us stronger - It is a way in which we connect with Jesus - God has chosen us to suffer for a reason - It is trying to make them a better Christian - Should thank God for taking an interest and trying to improve them * The right ways to behave in life, and how the Bible / example of Jesus / conscience helps: +++ BIBLE: * it reveals God and his will for how they should live * need to study it and its teachings carefully to find out what to do * pray that God through the holy spirit will help them understand the Bible and its meaning * meet with others and study it together and then decide ...read more.


- They also believe they have been called to live a moral and holy life - God has supervised the writing of the Bible to show Christians how to live - He sent Jesus to teach people the right way of life - If God wants us to live a certain way then this is the right way to live and only way to please God and determine a place in heaven - Moral codes also help society today * BIBLE TEACHINGS! - Parable of prodigal son (show some moral codes of forgiveness and repentance) - Sermon on the mount - Matthew 5-7 (Jesus' way to live) - Genesis 3, Job, Matthew 4 (where God defeats the devil and the world remains good) ...read more.

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