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Topic: That abortion should become illegal

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Abortion Essay Topic: That abortion should become illegal Every human being deserves the right to life. Abortion denies innocent children this right. Sometimes, a variety of terms are used as an alternative to the word "abortion", "termination of pregnancy" being the most popular. When we refer to this phrase, it suggests that an abortion only puts an end to a physical condition, when, in reality, an abortion puts an end to someone's existence. To perform an abortion, a doctor makes a physical attack on the baby living inside the mother's womb. Clearly, this represents a most vicious attack upon the most basic of human rights - the right to life itself. To many people, who are members of religious groups, abortion is murder. They believe that a life begins at the time of fertilisation and that this life should be respected even if the birth of a baby is not intended. 'In a world in which, adults control power and purse, the foetus is at a disadvantage being small, naked, nameless and voiceless. He has no-one except sympathetic adults to speak up for him and defend him - and equally no-one except callous adults to condemn and attack him...' ...read more.


If a woman is sexually active, she should already be using reliable forms of contraception such as; The Pill, Condoms, Morning After Pill, Diaphragms and various others including artificial barriers etc. If the contraception method being used is defective or under other circumstances like rape, a woman should straight away resort to going to the pharmacy and enquiring about the morning after pill. This should happen even if the woman has had sexual intercourse the previous day and was not 100% certain that the type of contraception has worked, this is just used as a safeguard and added precaution to unwanted pregnancies. An additional choice is going through with the pregnancy and putting the unwanted child up for adoption. Australia has a low number of children up for adoption, and parents who cannot conceive are having to travel overseas to adopt a child. If women went through with these pregnancies, the child would benefit by having a happy healthy life surrounded by love, is not this what all children deserve? Recent years have seen the emergence of numbers of women who are still suffering the pain following their abortions, and who still grieve for the child they have lost through abortion. ...read more.


Some unborn children are allowed to be operated on prior to their birth if it is certain the treatment can save the baby's life. It is hard to believe that although doctors and nurses can save the lives of some babies, however they kill others. We are told that we have to protect animals from cruelty and some species from being killed, though a baby can be killed, a human being rather, and the government will not stop it. Finally, what we have to ask ourselves regarding abortion is this: are we really going to make a better world by killing? Is a society which accepts and overlooks the killings of innocent babies really going to turn us from the violence around us? As Nobel Prize winner, Mother Teresa of India says, 'Peace begins in the womb'. Therefore, it is evident that abortion should be illegal throughout Australia because each life deserves basic human rights and these should be respected, even an unborn child has the right to live. Australia has a multicultural population and we must consider these peoples views on abortion as many religions regard abortion as unethical. Clearly we as these unborn children's voices should think of their existence as a human and we would not kill an innocent human being for just living, as these babies are just living inside of their mothers. ...read more.

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