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Treatments available to help infertile couples and christian views.

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A. i. Treatments Available to Help Infertile Couples Infertility in the western world in the past few years has become a much larger problem, and as many as ten percent of couples may be infertile in some way or another. Recently though, thanks to advances in embryo technology a much larger array of treatments have been made available to people: In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) - This is where the egg of the female is fertilised outside of the womb, by the partners or possibly an outside donors sperm, and then the egg is replaced back inside the womb. Artificial Insemination by Husband (AIH) - Where the sperm of the partner is inserted into the female by a mechanical means. Artificial Insemination by Donor (AID) - This is the same process as the Artificial Insemination by Husband, but the sperm is provided by an anonymous donor. Egg Donation - Where the egg is donated by an outside female and then is fertilised using IVF using the husband's sperm before being placed into the mother's womb. Embryo Donation - This is where both the egg and the sperm are donated by outside parties or donors, are fertilised by IVF, and then the embryo is placed in the mother's womb. ...read more.


iii. Religious Problems with Transplant Surgery There are various different reasons why religious people are opposed to Transplant Surgery. For some Christians Transplant surgery is completely out of the question, as they believe that the transplants can ignore the sanctity of life. It is also believed that transplanting organs is adopting God's role and it is wrong to try and play God. Other Christians are partially opposed to Transplant surgery, they do not feel taking organs from dead people is right however they will allow transplants using organs donated by living relatives of the subject in question. For the following reasons this attitude is adopted: * It is part of the Christian belief that organs such as the heart are an ingrained part of the individual created by God. * They feel that that taking organs from the dead and placing them within the living body is also trying to adopt the role of God, humans therefore have no right to try and play God. * Some organs in the living body are not essential, and so transplanting them to someone else is excused by the fact it is said to following Jesus' commandment of 'Love Thy Neighbour'. ...read more.


This life is a preparation for heaven and should not be perfect, or used to try and make heaven on earth. * They also accept that there is too much information about the long-term effects to try and carry on with the research due to the high risk of the follow on if it should become a common procedure. * It has effects that are irreversible, so if a mistake should be made then the damage is permanent, and the person would be further scarred for life. * The genetic treatment shows the human body as a commodity no different to that of a plant, this therefore goes against the bible, as the human body is to be classed as a cherished gift from God, and not to be tampered with. I can therefore conclude that there is a vastly contrasting attitude towards genetic engineering and many people will object to my views. However, even after the evidence I have studied I still feel that my original thoughts are still how I think upon the issue of genetic engineering and that as we are given the gift of this advanced technology we should use it to the best of our abilities and strive to make the world more comfortable for those suffering around us. ...read more.

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