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True pilgrimage involves a journey of the heart, not a physical journey

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"True pilgrimage involves a journey of the heart, not a physical journey." To what extent is this a valid comment on pilgrimage and how might someone who has completed a pilgrimage respond to this comment? (15 marks) This is in some ways a valid comment and in others not a valid comment. On the one hand it is valid as much of religion is spiritual and concerning the heart but on the other hand there are also many physical parts to religion, the actual act of pilgrimage being one. I think that it is not a valid comment as it should be up to the pilgrim to decide how they see the act of pilgrimage Some pilgrims believe that pilgrimage is a journey of the heart while others would believe that it is instead a physical journey. ...read more.


Often pilgrims are looking for confirmation of their faith. This means they are looking for something to prove to them that their faith and believe has not been in vain. Visions or enlightenment are often searched for and these are divine things rather than material objects. To achieve moksha Hindus to on a pilgrimage to bathe in the Ganges at the time of the Kumba Mela and as Moksha is not a physical thing pilgrimage could be thought to be of the heart. Hindus may also go on a pilgrimage to receive good Karma or to do their Dharma that is their duty so pilgrimage to some Hindu's is a journey of the heart. There are also some pilgrims who feel that pilgrimage is a journey that is physical rather than being from the heart. ...read more.


There are also some points that could be used on both sides depending on the way they are looked upon. The act of walking to the pilgrimage site is not only a physical journey but also needs the devotion of he heart for it to succeed. At places of Hindu pilgrimage there are many sacred people who keep themselves in uncomfortable and unnatural positions for long periods of time to get good Karma and show their devotion. This not only a physical procedure but also need spiritual strength for this to be achieved. Christian pilgrims often fast before, after or during pilgrimage which although food is a material object it is necessary to have enough will power to carry out the fast to its end and not to break it half way through. Pilgrims may go to be physically healed of wounds of disabilities for example but some pilgrims also journey to be mentally or spiritually healed or cleansed. Re Coursework Pilgrimage ~ Question 3 Katy Sethna 11W ...read more.

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