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TV always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world, do you agree?

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TV always presents religious people as out of touch with the modern world, do you agree? In this essay I will be considering the ways that television programmes portrays different religious people and will consider whether they are realistic or just stereotypes. The majority of television programmes watched today is mainly soaps & dramas. Soaps contain religious people as they are meant to reflect real life and include real-life situations including rape, adultery and teenage pregnancy. Two soaps that show this are Hollyoaks and Coronation Street. Coronation street was the most recent to show a teenage pregnancy with Sarah Platt, this is a good topic as Almost 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year, and more than 512,000 give birth. Hollyoaks however was the first soap to deal with a male rape victim; the episode was so realistic had to be televised at 11 o'clock. ...read more.


Other people may think that showing religious ceremonies is stupid as they aren't religious so why should they watch a church wedding. Today's society is full of technology, mobile phones, computers, the internet, games consoles etc. also we are a self conscious society wondering what other people think, this could be to the way you dress or the style and colour of your hair. But is this modern technology shown with the religious characters? In my opinion I believe most religious characters are "out of date" with the modern world, an example of this would be Dot Branning, and she is Christian character in Eastenders, although she has her hair permed once in a while she uses no technology but a 67 year old woman cannot be expected to carry a mobile phone and play on her Playstation as soon as she gets home. ...read more.


Another is Harold Bishop. Harold is again a very kind, warm hearted man who enjoys sport and playing his tuba. In this case Harold is rather in touch with the modern world. He like listening to music on his "Hi-Fi" and also has a computer. He has hobbies such as using his computer, keeping fit and playing his Tuba. He is also a member of The Salvation Army. I think that the religious characters shown on television are like the modern world, I think this because today most Christians are not teenagers, TV Portrays this by showing most religious people which are over 40 years of age but also show them using modern technology. It shows them being a Christian e.g. using their bible r holy book for help but still maintaining a real life character. Possibly writers could find out more information on religious people and find more information in the way they act and do this for all ages of religious persons. R.Needham 10SE ...read more.

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