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TV Violence

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GCSE English - Media Coursework TV Violence I don't really have a problem with screen violence. I think as long as the violent content in a program is shown at a suitable time, it is all right. So programs which are very violent should be shown at later times when the majority of the viewers are adult, which is usually after 9pm in the evening known as the watershed. Where as programs which contain mild violence should be shown between 6-9pm when the youngest audiences have stopped viewing. I think it might have a negative affect on viewers if the wrong audience view material with is not suitable for them. ...read more.


This is all right, but there are always incidents where people are badly injured or even killed. For example the killers of Jamie Bolger might soon be released from prison after committing a murder when they were younger and easily led. Another example of this, occurred when a group of teenagers killed another using a scene from 'Reservoir Dog' as their motive. They were supposed to have been influenced by the film after previously watching it. These two examples prove that if people who aren't old enough view violent material they can be easily influenced with devastating consequences. I think there is definitely a need for the watershed because it acts as a sort of guideline, telling people that material past this time may contain violence, bad language or sex and should only be viewed by the appropriate audiences. ...read more.


I don't really think there should be a limit as to what is shown on TV, just as long as it is put on at an appropriate time to the content in it. Having said this I wouldn't show excessive amounts of violence, pornography and bad language if I could help it. Cartoons and the WWF contain a lot of violence and are viewed by the younger generation, because they are not expected to take the violence so seriously. Even though cartoons tend to be violent, the fact that they are animated takes away the seriousness of the violence away. Animals also sometimes play the characters, which makes it even less believable and realistic. ...read more.

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