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Use sources F and G and your own knowledge to explain why some people came to see the 1960's as a period of bad influences on British Society

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Use sources F and G and your own knowledge to explain why some people came to see the 1960's as a period of bad influences on British Society Most people remember the 1960's to be one of the best days of their lives. But there was a few people who thought that pop music and TV was a bad influence on the young. Mary Whitehouse was one of these people, she thought that TV should have alot more religious programmes ad she campaigned to clean up television for good. Mary was not the only person who thought this, members of the Christian faith wrote plays and found it extraordinarily difficult to get their work accepted. Also Mary was the founder of the "Women of Britain clean up TV campaign". Mary's views where not the same as everyone elses were, she thought that television should be changed to something suitable like religious programs, while many people wanted to watch programs that they would enjoy. ...read more.


This source originated from the Daily Mail on the 25th of May in 1964. It's purpose was to show everyone what Mary Whitehouse thought and so that if people thought the same thing they would join Mary's campaign. The source suggests that everyone in Britain want TV to change and that they want to watch religious programs. This source is reliable because it is an article from the Daily Mail. The Death of Janis Joplin was huge an had a lot of press coverage. She was a rebel, worked hard and partied hard. Her fans would of been influenced a great deal by her as fans are today. But many people would of thought she was a bad influence because she took drugs and she was notorious for how she behaved during the sixties. Kids would not of thought her as a bad influence because she were one of their idols, she was a person that they would of listened to alot. ...read more.


Janis Joplin was not a representative of all the performers, she was a representative of performers that took drugs at that time. Some performers just sing and enjoy their fame, but many have to take it one step further and take drugs to enjoy it more than anyone else. This source originated from the biography for the singer Janis Joplin which was wrote in the 1990's, because this source is from a biography it is very reliable. The purpose of this source was to show people what Janis Joplins life was really like, not what people thought it was like. I conclude that people thought the 1960's was a bad influence on British Society because there was plenty of drugs in that time, many performers took drugs to get an extra buzz out of performing, this influenced young people to take drugs because they think they are ok because there idols took them. Also people thought the sixties was a bad influence because of Mary Whitehouses campaigns to clean up TV and that she always protested against TV's bad influences. ...read more.

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