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"Using issues of abortion and euthanasia as examples, explain the differing ways Christians might respond"

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R.E. Coursework - A02 "Using issues of abortion and euthanasia as examples, explain the differing ways Christians might respond" Abortion is the death of the foetus (life) from the mother's womb whether deliberate (operation/termination) or accidental (miscarriage). Christians are divided in their views on abortion. The Roman Catholic Church does not allow abortion. They do not agree on the precise moment in human development when a human person begins to exist. However, Roman Catholics are very clear that human life (the human person) begins at the very moment of conception. Therefore, it is unjust to destroy the human embryo or foetus deliberately and directly. From the time of the great theologian St. Thomas Aquinas in 12th century, it has been the Church's position that the soul of the person enters at the moment of conception. Therefore a person becomes a person when they are conceived. Roman Catholics also believe in Natural Law, which is allowing nature to take its course and not interfering with nature. ...read more.


Just as Roman Catholics, Protestants also accept abortion when the life of the mother is in danger as a result of her being pregnant. This is known as 'Double-effect'. Other denominations such as the Orthodox Church believe that abortion is a violation of the commandment "Thou shall not kill" and therefore do not allow abortion. Many argue over the ethics of abortion, whether it is "right" or "wrong", and totally ignore the soul of the foetus. The origin of each individual human being's soul is not fully revealed in Sacred Scripture. This is "a mystery," according to the words of St. Cyril of Alexandria, "known to God alone." Therefore, the Church does not propound a strictly defined teaching on this question. Euthanasia (voluntary) is when a person request to die due to avoid prolonging suffering and pain. Just as in the case of abortion, Christians are divided in their views on euthanasia. The Roman Catholic Church is very definite on the issue of euthanasia. ...read more.


when any gain to anyone was clearly impossible and when we should have been punished by the state if we had kept an animal in similar conditions" For Christians, euthanasia is only one answer to the problem of suffering. Another answer is the hospice. The aim of the hospice is to enable people to die with dignity and to be aware of what is happening to them right to the end of their lives. People who are terminally ill are given care and treatment that lessens the pain, but will not cure them. This is known as palliative care. They and their families are given support to come to terms with the death. The Hospice Movement was set up by Dame Cicely Saunders and is now a real alternative to euthanasia. In Conclusion, it seems that the Roman Catholic Church are much more strict towards the issues of abortion and euthanasia than the Protestant Church and other churches. The Protestant Church and others churches tend to be lenient towards most issues of abortion and euthanasia. Chris Phillips 10K Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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