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Views on abortion - Christians, George Bush and Al Gore

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´╗┐Abortion Roman Catholics: Believe: Life begins at conception - the fetus is a human being with human rights. All bible teaching on human life also applies to the fetus - especially the commandment (6th) ?Do not kill?. If a mother can not support her baby then it should be adopted. Life is sacred because it is given by God - ?created in the image of God? (creation story). Anglicans & Methodists: Believe: Life does not begin until the baby has a chance to survive independently from the mother. ...read more.


BUSH: I don?t think a president can do that. I was disappointed in the ruling because I?m worried that that pill will cause more people to have abortions. As to the drug itself, I hope the FDA took its time to make sure that American women will be safe who use this drug. GORE: Well, the FDA took 12 years. And I do support that decision. They determined it was medically safe for the women who use that drug. Ban partial-birth abortions, and reduce abortions overall GORE (to Bush): On the issue of partial-birth or so-called late-term abortion, I would sign ...read more.


BUSH: I know we need to ban partial-birth abortions. This is a place where my opponent & I have strong disagreements. I believe banning partial-birth abortion would be a positive step toward reducing the number of abortions in America. This is an issue that?s going to require a new attitude. We?ve been battling over abortion for a long period of time. Surely this nation can come together to promote the value of life. GORE: He trusts the government to order a woman to do what he thinks she ought to do. I trust women to make the decisions that affect their lives, their destinies and their bodies By Rachael Foster ...read more.

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