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Violence in Tom and Jerry

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Violence in Tom and Jerry Dan Brookes Media Coursework Some cartoons are renowned for violence that can sometimes be shocking but also involving a sense of humor. For example the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" has some violent scenes in it but these scenes become funny due to the music and visual effects that are involved in the cartoon. Many people have argued that cartoons like "Tom and Jerry" have influential scenes of violence that are inappropriate and shocking. I will be explaining my views on the above subjects. The violence in "Tom and Jerry" is in my opinion not shocking and I find it interesting to watch. ...read more.


The violence is more typical because you can often predict what is going to happen next, this involves the viewer a lot more. The violence is not likely to influence a young child as it is very unrealistic and Tom and Jerry are always fine after they have just been badly hurt. If we compare the violence in "Tom and Jerry" and with "The Simpsons", "The Simpsons" appear to be a considerable amount more violent than "Tom and Jerry". "Tom and Jerry" has much more typical cartoon violence in it, for example, in one episode Tom is holding a bomb and plans to throw it at Jerry and Jerry catches it and throws it back Tom's way. ...read more.


"The Simpsons" has more verbal communication therefore giving a greater range of understanding. "Tom and Jerry" is open to much more interpretation of what goes on. Overall I think "Tom and Jerry" has milder violence and has less influential qualities. Although some scenes are violent this is redeemed by the music that often includes an authentic sound that links back to the violence that has just been produced. I enjoy "Tom and Jerry" and feel the violence is more often funny than shocking and I am not surprised that it is one of the most popular cartoons to date as it is so original and every show is unique and has a different moral to the story. ...read more.

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