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"Violence is an inappropriate respond to racism" Do you agree?

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"Violence is an inappropriate respond to racism" Do you agree? I agree to this quote as I am a Christian and I believe in God and in the teachings of Jesus. The bible condemns racism, as all Christians and Catholics know that everyone should be treated equally as God accepts everyone into the kingdom of God as long as they repent but some people cannot accept this and still respond to racism by using violence. I would not use violence if someone started harassing me, I would just try and ignore them the best that I could as people that are racist are just looking for trouble. "Two wrongs do not make a right" this quote is true, if someone does something bad or calls names to another person it is ...read more.


make them stop harassing people from other ethnics" I believe the second person is correct; people who act with violence sometimes just make matters worse than they already are. There are also other ways to act against racism such as the Christian Martin Luther King who acted with peace treaties instead of violence to solve the problems of racism in America. In the New Testament, Jesus was also a pacifist who believed in peace and did not like wars, as one day when he was praying some people came to take him away so one of the Apostles cut the ear of one of the men, then Jesus picked up his ear and healed him. ...read more.


When Hitler was still alive it was a time when violence was necessary as us the English and other countries believed that it was wrong the way that he wanted a pure race with only blue eyed and blond people. Hitler also hated the Jews, torturing them and sometimes he killed them, as he was racist that is why we had to stop him. In the end I believe it is wrong to act with violence towards racism, if you are the victim you should just ignore what the say toward you as sometimes bullies become bored of a person who does not react to what they say, just believe in God and love/care for people even if they are your enemies. ...read more.

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