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"Violence is an inappropriate response to racism." Do you agree?

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"Violence is an inappropriate response to racism." Do you agree? I believe that racism cannot be solved by violence. I think a lot of people would agree with me. People like Martin Luther King, who was probably the best person in history at using non- violent tactics to defeat racism, not giving in, even when his own home was bombed. Some reasons why non-violence is a much more effective weapon than violence against racism, is that violence won't help you, it won't get you anywhere, except maybe prison. It's a waste of time, it won't help the situation at all, it will just cause more hate, so why bother? It's stupid to think it will work. Also, violence will get you in a lot of trouble, it will lose all your sympathy from people because you will look like the bad one, not the innocent and then you won't get much support from anyone Racist people can be very violent, so if you try and fight violence with violence you will be acting just like the racist, the very person you don't want to act like. ...read more.


If you act violently towards somebody who's racist you will be playing right into their hands and they will have you right where they want you, but if you stay peaceful they will be angry, because they think they aren't getting to you. They want you to react to their racism, but if you stay calm it will make them really angry because they want to hurt you but they think they aren't hurting you, it's not working, so they might give in. In the same way if some makes fun of you and you ignore them they get bored and stop it. Some people do agree with using violence against racism. In fact quite a lot of people do, including Christians. I don't agree with it myself, and I don't think any reason would be good enough to justify violence but I've thought of some reasons that people that are violent to racism might use. They deserve it. I've heard that one so many times, not just to do with racism. ...read more.


The violent person might have had a violent upbringing and background, so violence could be all they are used to, the only method they know to deal with things. Some people just want to teach the racist a lesson, they can't help it. It is human instinct, isnt it? By using violence people feel as if they are in control, it makes them feel stronger, it's like an addiction, once they have the power, once they are in control, they want more, and they get more and more vicious. In world war two, Hitler was destroying Jews because he hated them so much. He thought everyone should have blonde hair and blue eyes and everyone else should be killed, so that one-day we would have a 'pure' race. England had a war with the Germans, obviously using violence - and we won. We stopped all the Jews dying. So evidently in some cases violence can be justified especially in extreme incidents such as the holocaust in world war two, but I think violence shouldn't be used unless absolutely necessary. ...read more.

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