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War should always be avoided. Do you agree?

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´╗┐war should always be avoided. do you agree? I disagree with the statement that war should always be avoided because war is usually the last resort and is only done after a long amount of thought and consideration. Wars can sometimes be essential for fighting against oppression and unfairness. This means that if a war was not waged then the people who live in the area will continue to suffer and this is not acceptable and hence war can be considered to be a good thing on such grounds and should not be avoided. ...read more.


He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves? . This shows Jesus using violence to solve an issue for a greater cause and this is exactly why wars are considered to be acceptable as they can be there for the greater good. On the other hand war should always be avoided because there is always other ways to come to an agreement and this is much better than killing innocent people and civilians through the use of WMD?s. Killing is against the golden rules of Islam and Christianity. ...read more.


Also, sometimes war can be avoided with ease such as peace conferences and agreements and this in turn can save lives and money too and hence war should always be avoided as it saves lives. In my opinion I believe that war should be avoided but it is not always. It should be avoided when the reason to fight for is not as good such as for land. Also war must be avoided if it does not follow the just war rules set by religions. It can be waged to save lives and save countries from dictators. It is always a last resort and can be helpful for freedom or independence. Hence I think that war should be avoided but not always. ...read more.

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