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Was Egyptian Medicine an important step forward?

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17th September, 04 Was Egyptian Medicine an important step forward? The Egyptians had many new ideas and their way of life was very different to any that had gone before. Egypt was ruled over by a powerful government headed by the Pharaoh, the Egyptian king. They worshiped many Gods, and the Pharaoh was also seen as a God. They were farmers and had many skilled craftsmen, including metal workers and builders. They developed trade links to other countries and bought many new plants and herbs. The Egyptians also developed a form of writing, called Hieroglyphics. The Egyptians had many new ideas, but a lot of their beliefs were used by prehistoric people before them. Some of their beliefs about what caused illness were the same, for example magic was still used as an explanation for illness. The Egyptians believed that the Gods could cause illness. They thought that to avoid becoming ill, you should try to keep the Gods happy at all times. ...read more.


Historians used to think that Egyptians must have had a good idea of how the human body worked because of the processes involved in embalming, but now they realise that the organs removed in embalming were taken out through small slits in the side of the body, to keep the damage to it minimal, and that embalmers worked in secret, so any anatomical discoveries would not have been widely known. However, the Egyptians also had some new ideas and methods. Medicine men and Priests were still used as healers, but there were also now Doctors. Rich people could hire full-time physicians to look after them, and there were female doctors. The Pharaoh had his own doctor, called Irj. Egyptian doctors could choose to be general doctors or specialist doctors. If they were specialists, they would only heal one part of the body, for example there would be eye doctors and dentists. ...read more.


The Egyptians made some important medial progress, and the changes were important for the future because they paved the way for future thinking. The new discoveries and the progress made were vital for future progress. They were some of the first people to place a great emphasis on personal hygiene, and this would help to prevent many potential diseases. Without Egyptian skills, a lot of progress could not have been made. Without the metal workers of Egypt, bronze surgical tools could not have been made and this would have hindered future operations. Also, their trade links provided them with many important herbs, which may not have been brought to prominence otherwise. The Egyptians were also one of the first races to have specialised doctors and physicians. We know such a lot about Egyptian medicine because they recorded it in documents like the Ebers Papyrus. They brought about a lot of medical discoveries and landmarks, and without Egyptian discoveries, we would not be where we are today, medically. Florence C-S ...read more.

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