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We are in Iraq to liberate the oppressed population, and everyday the Iraqi people's confidence in us grows. They understand our mission; they understand this is not a war against them, or their people, or against the Islamic world.

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The world is no longer a peaceful place. Terror factions, throughout the world of all ethnic persuasions, are holding the world hostage, with no moral code or regard for humanity. They commit the act deemed by the Bible as the most greedy and selfish of all sins, taking their own life, and to compound this they do it and take innocent bystanders, women and children with them. They are the worst kind of murderers; they don't have to take any form of responsibility, they don't have to think about the family of those they killed, they escape it all. And in these times of war, in Iraq, as we work to forge freedom for the people of Iraq, wrenching back from the clutches of an evil dictator whatever kind of life we can salvage. We are saving the oil wells, so vital for the sustentation of the Iraqi economy. We are dispensing food and aid to the people of Iraq. ...read more.


Links such as substantial and in some cases total funding, he utilizes these people in any way he can, and now even on the battlefield, posing as innocent civilians they lace themselves with explosives, supplied by Saddam's forces, there fate condemned by even their own holy scripture, they take their own lives and as many more as possible, the lives of soldiers, and whoever else maybe in the vicinity, innocent Iraqi civilians, fleeing from war torn lives, to a premature, unfulfilled death. To these people I ask, Is your life worth so little that you would give it up for the continuing rule of an evil regime, and if your answer is yes, then you are wrong. Saddam's troops are scared and rightly so, they are reverting to guerrilla warfare, dissolving into the cities, intent on drawing our forces into urban warfare missions. This is a tactic of desperate men, and to these men so terrified of battle that they will de-grade themselves to such a low as to use civilians as battle shields, I simply say surrender. ...read more.


re-establish Iraq's economy and social welfare are ill-advised, you claim that the entire UN should carry out such tasks, this suggests, you believe the coalition shall be victorious, and with this point I agree. However, I also see this as a greedy action, you have played no part in liberating the people of this impoverish nation, yet you want French contracts to be awarded for the eventual rebuilding of Iraq, this shall not happen, unless you play your role, and now I ask again, will you take the morale path, join the coalition or the cowardous one, and not? Now is a time of immense national insecurity, and it is vital that nations of great stature, presence and history stand together, from the great nations of Asia to Oceania to those of the Americas and Africa, and Europe, in our utter support for humanity and the deterrence of all evil and terror manifested in extremist groups. To these countries I say this, the world rests on the shoulders of our nations, don't let it fall. ...read more.

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