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Wealth and Poverty.

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Christianity Coursework: Wealth and Poverty A1. The bible has a lot to say about wealth and poverty; however there are no clear-cut answers on this topic. We can see Christian teaching on wealth and poverty through passages and quotes in the bible, which I will be referring to later on in the essay. We can also understand Christian teachings on this topic by looking at characters from the bible, such as Jesus who's attitude to the poor was that they are still important in God's eyes. These teachings can also be related to Christian organisations such as Christian aid. These organisations concentrate on helping the poor and those in poverty especially in the third world. They also believe that everybody has the right to lead a good life and that these people should experience God's love. Christians feel that they have a duty to prevent and help the situation of poverty. A quote said by the Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church illustrates this point very well. 'Rich nations have a grave moral responsibility towards those which are unable to ensure the means of there development by themselves' This is talking about the third world countries in the north and how the western countries should support these weaker countries. ...read more.


The world needs to develop the methods used to prevent poverty and develop and change the way we look at poverty. Also introduce schemes to help the poor and needy like fair trade. The world is ridiculously proportioned we see this in the north south divide. The north and south are very different and it isn't a good thing and should change. The north contains 25 per cent of the world's people whereas the south contains the remaining amount of 75 per cent. Despite this 80 per cent of the world's income comes from the north. Over 90 per cent of the world's manufacturing industry and most people are educated through primary and secondary school. The life expectancy in the north is 70 years old in huge contrast to the life expectancy in the south, which is 50 years old. The world is in a great need for development, a fact that portrays this is 20 per cent more people in third world countries suffer from hunger and malnutrition than in the western countries. The third world owes a huge amount of money to the western countries such as America. This is called the third world debt and it causes many problems. ...read more.


than for a rich person to enter the kingdom Of God' Matthew 19:24 It says in the bible you should give ten per cent of your earnings I know this from the verse 'And I will give God one-tenth of all he gives me' Genesis 28:22 Overall Christians believe that being rich is fine but some of there money should go to others. Non-Christians or wealthy individuals may think they should keep their money as they worked hard to gain it. Wealthy people would ask why they couldn't do something else for the poor rather than giving up there wealth. This view is a fair one and maybe it could be seen as unfair that they are expected to give up their wealth, which they've worked hard for If every wealthy person was to give up there wealth it would stop poverty and suffering would decrease. But is it too much to ask? In my opinion it is the rich people's duty to help the poor but think it is unrealistic to say there should be no rich people as long as there is poverty. Overall I can conclude that the statement is wrong but holds an important message, that the better of should help the poor and not use their money for selfish and sinful activities. ...read more.

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