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Wealth And Poverty

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Wealth And Poverty In the following essay I will include and discuss the Christian views on wealth and poverty. I will also include why there is need for world development, and I will also explain the work of one Christian agency working for world development. Christians believe earning money should be done in an honest work style. They believe earning money should not take over there lives as it says in Mathew 6:24 "You cannot serve both God and money," Here it tells Christians to not allow money to over power their lives and they should stay loyal to God. Christians usually do not approve of occupations, which exploit other people or cause harm such as gambling. Some Christians look for occupations, which try to involve in helping other people such as becoming a nurse or doctor etc. They believe money is not important but to have spiritual richness as it says in Mathew 5.3 Sermon on the Mount teaches Christians "Happy are those that know they are spiritually poor. ...read more.


The natural disasters also cause diseases to spread swiftly. People become to ill to work causing further strain to poor families. The rivers become polluted, sanitation is poor and the crops fail. Lack of nutritional food and clean water and inadequate sanitation can cause early deaths, especially in children. The life expectation of people in poor countries is approximately 50 years. Whereas in developed countries this is approximately 70 years. Limited or no health care means people are not getting the treatment they need to overcome the illness. People who are poor cannot afford the medication needed and or they cannot read the instructions on the labels because of lack of education. Poor people have little or no access to education and training and therefore do not have the opportunities to develop skills in trade in order to get decent jobs to feed their families. Most of the developing countries tend to have huge populations. Poor families have many children so they can help to work on the land as labour force because machinery is unavailable or too expensive. ...read more.


"There should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world" With the statement "there should be no rich people as long as there is poverty in the world" in a way I agree and disagree with it. I agree with it because it is not fair that people should have to suffer without essentials were as others with large amounts of money and do not suffer and have many unnecessary material objects. I feel it is not fair because the money for them extras that the rich are getting could be used to help with the situation of poverty. Christians believe that the rich should give to the poor and that they should not let money come in the way from worshiping God. In addition I feel that there should be rich people because if they've had the chances to become successful and they put effort into it then they should get their reward. But I agree with the statement because people in poor countries don't have the opportunities to become successful. Therefore if they don't have the opportunities then there shouldn't be others with opportunities as it is not equal. ...read more.

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