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Week 37 Essay- Life and Death

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Week 37 Essay- Life and Death Assisted suicide refers to the action of providing a person with the means to commit suicide. It does not mean the same as euthanasia, which is when an easy and gentle death is achieved. Although the terms are similar in their interpretation, the differences are strong, and result in the differences in their interpretation in the legal system. Abortion is the removal of a foetus from the womb before it can survive. Beliefs on abortion vary dramatically between religions, and therefore people can very strong opposed views. It is for this reason that abortion often presents a controversial issue in the forum of debate with many differences in opinion. It can be difficult for this reason, for governments to create laws legalising abortion, as such laws have to abide and understand as wide a view as possible. The Torah is the Jews' greatest source of authority, however it does not state clear actions regarding abortion. ...read more.


Although the Reform view won, and legalised abortion in Jewish societies takes place under their interpretation of it, some Orthodox Rabbis still do not accept abortion in cases of rape or when the foetus is abnormal, even when the law allows it. This difference in opinion clearly demonstrates how opinions on abortion differ strongly. Even within the same religion, the interpretation is very different, and therefore illustrates how a definite opinion in the matter is impossible to achieve. Some people find it difficult to believe in life after death because death means the end of life, therefore to live after death is a logical contradiction. The scientific evidence for the origins of humanity show that our mind has developed from a material process as the brain grew more complicated, and so it would not be able to survive then the material brain is dead. This view is also as a result of the fact that the physical evidence is that when your body dies, everything about you dies, for example, ...read more.


The second of my reasons for disagreeing with such a statement is that I find euthanasia acceptable and feel it should be encouraged, but only in correct circumstances. Euthanasia refers to the notion of a gentle and easy death. It is only legal in certain countries, for reasons I cannot understand. In my opinion, euthanasia is down to the people involved, and therefore should be made legal. If a person desires to commit suicide, why should the law prevent them, and if a person is going to commit suicide, then should they not be able to do so in a manner, which is painless and far gentler than other methods of induced death. It is for these reasons that I find the statement in question to have significance in the society in which I live, and therefore I feel the notion to be wrong. I understand that other people who follow religions with such ideals would agree with the notion, however as I am not religious, I find the statement a preposterous idea, that should not be relied upon in the general community. Chris Atkinson ...read more.

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