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What a study of Marks Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship?

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Explain what a study of Marks Gospel can tell Christians about the nature of Discipleship? "The word disciple comes from the Latin word discipulus, which means learner. Today we understand the word disciple to mean a follower of Jesus the Christ." Jesus needed disciples to help him spread the good news, to be a companion and advise him on the customs and traditions of people. The call of the first four, Jesus called the four while he was walking along the sea of Gallillee. When he saw Simon and Andrew casting a net into the lake, he said, "come with me and I will make you fishers of men". Immediately they left their nets. Going on a little further he came across James and John mending their nets with their father Zebedee, Jesus called them and like the others they left immediately. By Mark writing about the calling of the four he makes two points, Jesus has the authority to call these men in such away the response is immediate and discipleship involves great demands, for the first four they left behind their jobs, their livelihood and their family. ...read more.


The story of "The mission of the Twelve" tells us that discipleship involves urgency and travelling light, the apostles are to be provided for so that they can concentrate on the mission. Finally they were sent out to do three things: Preach repentance, Cast out devils, and Anoint sick people with oil and cure them. The story 'The cost of discipleship' states clearly that being a disciple means doing the will of God and forgetting about ones own needs. "Anyone who wishes to be a follower of mine must leave self behind, he must take up his cross, and come with me." To leave self behind means to put oneself last in all things, to have no care about ones life, position or esteem, and to have no desire for rights or privileges except that belonging to God. "To take up the cross," means for many Christians of Mark's day, their fate was to die for Christ. Discipleship means being prepared to follow Jesus to the point of death. ...read more.


"Are you willing to drink from the cup I drink, and be baptised with the water which I am baptised?" The story of "Jesus and the little children" teaches us that, to enter the kingdom of God and to be Disciples we us trust in God and depend on him as a child depends on its parents. Mark includes the story of "Peter's Denial" as it is very important. This story lets us know that you do not have to be perfect to be a disciple, and that there can be weakness and failure - right to the very top. Even though Peter let Jesus down, he was forgiven by Jesus and confirmed as the leader of the church. Discipleship is also about rewards, "The Rewards of Discipleship", is important because it lets us know why the disciples chose to follow Jesus as it gives life real value and the main reward is eternal life. Marks gospel teaches us a lot about Discipleship; that a disciple has to be willing to give up everything he has and risk losing everything to serve God, and in addition, to receive eternal life. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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