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What are Christian Ethics?

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What are Christian Ethics? The primary and final authority for Christian ethics is found in the life, teachings, ministry and death of Jesus Christ as the revelation of God. He clarified the ethical demands of a God-centred life by applying obedient love to all human situations, both personal and social, and insisted this included the earthly as well as the eternal, and required our best actions amid the relativities of the present world. ...read more.


It appears repeatedly both in Jesus' words and in the total tenor of his life. Examples of Jesus' words are or " His chief concern was with right attitudes from which right acts might proceed. Jesus was completely opposed to the substitution of either ceremonial acts or correct outward behaviour for humble obedience to God and loving concern for one's neighbour. His concern was to proclaim the nature of a God-centred, love-filled life lived in obedience to the call of God, and to win men to it. ...read more.


The good life is that of generous and self-giving service to all men and unbroken, unworried trust in the Christian ethics begin with the assumption that Christian character is founded, not on naturalism or humanism, but on Jesus as revealing God's supremacy, that Christian virtues are not the exclusive possession of Christians, that sin is not a state of being but rebellious self-love and self-exaltation that leads to failure to be adequately responsive to the love commandment of Jesus, that humans are created free to make moral choices, and Christians are called to make these choices in light of the love commandment. ...read more.

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